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Winning and selected writing for Proud to Be, Vol. 5

We are happy to announce the winning and selected writing for Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors, Volume 5.


Award-Winning Writing


“Section 60”—winner

Jarrod L. Taylor


The Massillon Boys

Ken McBride


The Forgotten War: A Personal Reflection on the Korean War

Leonard Adreon



Always Time For Chai—winner

A. Sean Taylor


Innocence Reflected 

Jarrod L. Taylor


Forgiven Too

Journey Carolyn Collins



Questions Raised by Black Scorpions—winner

Bill Glose


Runaway Slave

Bryan D. Nickerson


First Blood

Milton J. Bates



A Bird—winner

Tessa Poppe


Into Dust

Kyle Larkin


Bottle Rockets and Bad Memories

Jason Arment



90 Minutes—winner


Caleb Nelson

Interview: Preserving a Dying Legacy


Casey Titus

Interview with Major (R) Jonathan Silk

David Chrisinger


Selected Writing


A Case of Sodas and 5 Dinks

Carl T. Yates


Walking in My Dad’s Sneakers: How Exercising Together Helped Me Know My Marine Dad

Casey Cromwell


Coward Or Hero

Hal O’Leary


Unboot Camp

Jay Harden


WWII Veterans Marched in Protest in 1946

Marilyn K. Smith


A Memorable Medevac Mission and Moment

Robert B. Robeson



Susan Correa


Bobby & the Pole

Rod Martinez


Government Girls

Mary Pelts



toward a poetics of lessons-learned

heavy blanket cover fire

Charlie Sherpa




Charity Winters


The Dead (No. 3)

Pat O’Regan


The Church Ruins at Quang Ngai

Art Elser


How to Use Your Arms

Abby E. Murray


Full Bleed

Benjamin Busch


Action Heroes

Bill Glose


Come Back to the World

Bryan D. Nickerson



Caleb Nelson


Self-Portrait #5

Chuck Von Nordheim


Life Flight

Derek Handley


Hill 471

Fred Rosenblum


Before Crossing into Iraq

Gordon Kippola


Two of Us

James Hugo Rifenbark


There Is a Time

Jay Harden



John Rodriguez


Out of

John Thampi


Escape from Guantanamo

Jonathan Tennis


Keep Calm

Kanesha Washington


Gun Baby

Kent Walker


Sergeant Jimmy

Leonard Adreon


Café in the Desert

Lucia Eclipse Roberts


The Path I’ve Chosen (Four Months in Fallujah)

Paul Wellman


Any Soldier

Randall Surles


Land Mine

Response to W. S. Merwin’s “Unknown Soldier”

Rob Jacques


End of Watch

Ruth M. Hunt


Aching Head

Stacey C. Moss


Grace in War

Stacey Walker


Empty Boots

Susan Spindler


Molon Labe

Shigé Clark



Where I Left Right Left

Takia “Judah” Parham



Terry Edwards


[PTSD]  On Some Dark Night

Terry Severhill


The Letter

Tessa Poppe


Soldier’s Bottle

Valerie E. Young


A Contract Flight from Kuwait International Airport

Zachary Lunn


National Cemetery

Thomas H. Roussin



Triathlete Wannabe

Brent E. White


A Break from the War

Jarrod L. Taylor


One Dollar Ride

Jay Harden



Jeff Bateman


Buffalo Soldiers

John LoSasso


Just Another Old Man

Michael E. Cook


The Army’s Debt

Randall Surles



Who Conquers Then?

Jay Harden


Black Hawk Bob: Interview of Command Sergeant

Major Gallagher at his home in Savannah, Georgia, in

March 2004

Bob Johnson



Happy Valley

Ronald C. Mosbaugh


NISMO Pearl Harbor

Travis Klempan


Future Hero

Valerie E. Young


Selfie in Iraq

Training Iraqis to Fight ISIS/ISIL

A. Sean Taylor


Members of Company A

James Hugo Rifenbark


Iraq Before the Storm

Iraq From Above

Jonathan Tennis


The soldier isn’t the only one who has a sacrifice to gift

Lucia Eclipse Roberts



Sheree K. Nielsen


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