Southeast Missouri State University Press

Past Contest Winners

(Sorted by contest deadline year)

Nilsen Literary Prize for a First Nove

  • 2018: Robert Long Foreman, Weird Pig
  • 2017: Ron A. Austin, Avery Colt Is a Snake, a Thief, a Liar
  • 2016: Maureen Aitken, The Patron Saint of Lost Girls 
  • 2015: John Surowiecki, The Pie Man
  • 2014: Anne Corbitt, Rules for Lying
  • 2013: James Tate Hill, Academy Gothic
  • 2012: Susan V. Meyers, Failing the Trapeze
  • 2011: Tony Rogers, The Execution of Richard Sturgis, As Told by His Son, Colin

Cowles Poetry Book Prize

  • 2019: Luiza Flynn-Goodlett, Look Alive
  • 2018: Haesong Kwon, The People’s Field
  • 2017: Emma Bolden, House Is an Enigma
  • 2016: James Crews, Telling My Father
  • 2015: Brad Aaron Modlin, Everyone at This Party Has Two Names
  • 2014: Angie Macri, Underwater Panther