Southeast Missouri State University Press

Journey 2008

Stories, Poems, Essays, and Photographs published in Journey 2008

Serena Beam
Portrait—Fountain Run, Kentucky
You, Poet

Rachel Bohnert
The Mirror
The Way You Walk

Jessica Muckerman
The Day Led to This
The Illogical Fear of Babies

Kelli L.W. Nicholson
Bird Calls
Cicada Summer
Scenes of Adolescence

Stacy Orris
Beneath the City

Nicole Peats
Read This Then Ask Me Again: Why do you prefer to read fiction written for children and young adults?
Heartbeat: Or Some Conversational Reflections on Winter

Anna Powell
The Joker

Josh Schwartz
Nothing Green Can Stay
You Can’t Spell Slaughter without Laughter

Lisa Schnurbusch
My Hollywood Ending

Caleb Tankersley
Teach Me Your Ways, O LordThe Tree
The Woodsman

Kristina Yesley
Plebeian Art
Smoke Signals
Pressing Leaves

Bob McCollum
Don’t Drink a Bottle of NyQuil in the Woods on a Holy Day in the Name of Jesus and Expect Not to Wind Up in a Church
Idiot Parade
Henry Rollins Meets Henry David Thoreau

Janet Cannon
He Sees You When You’re Sleeping

Karina Dewing
20 Cine

Michale Johnson
Smoke in the Window

Brenna Kiser
i forget her look but not her voice
weekend in St. Louis

Sharon Looney
Coral Woman Looking Left
Who’s Making Waves
Momma Said Never Talk to Strangers
Ornamental Entry

Ben Marxer
Maybe she’d like me better if I were a Serial Killer
Ice Water Hours
Love Poem #00000000000
Listening to: Sounds of the Apocalypse / Current Mood: Pensive
Katie’s Legs

Dianne Katherine Reyes
Beyond Innocence

Karissa Scott
Break Up

Jennifer Weiss
The Doctrine of Aunt Odie
An Aerobic Battle

2007 Sigma Tau Delta Contest Winners:

Lorna Ferguson
An Unspoken Bond

Karissa Scott
Sophisticated Lady

Jessi Glueck
Ghosts that Go Bump in the Night: A Comparison / Contrast of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” and Edwin Arlington Robinson’s “Luke Havergal”

Katie Carson
Atwood’s Drunken Postmodern-Day Moses: The Function of the Narrative in Oryx and Crake