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Journey 2007

Cover Design by Rochelle Steffen

Journey 2007

Stories, Poems, Essays, and Photographs published in Journey 2007

Angela Barbeau
Three Italians, Two Americans, and a Cab Ride
Forgotten Deaths
Locked Away
Revolution, Revelation

Kyle Barnett
They say
’86 Mustang
Another night

Kristi Murray
Mom and Dad only played records when they danced
What I[‘m] like
Never a Definitive Answer

Justin Prewitt
A pathetic & apathetic modern depression

Joshua Smith
Two Short Poems

Sharon Smith
Raining Motion
After the Rain
Sunshine’s Dead
Humming in for a Landing
Winding Light
Sunning Tulip
Medusa’s Alter Egos

Marcia Herring

Ryu Hikaido
The Watchman

Perrey S. Lee
the fall, 2005
title to come

John A. Williams
What Are You Thinking About?


Amelie Morgan
the revolution is never coming
modern women

Amber Moyers
Frozen Falls-Mina Sauk Falls

Davis Dunavin
The Unopened Door
The Recollection of Lost Items
Victory Party

Donna J. Essner
Our Country’s Son

Perry Gross
I, Syphilis

Vincent Hagins
In the Meantime, Enjoy This Beverage

Rochelle Steffen
Rainy Alley
Bike Chicago

Carrie Leadbetter
My Father’s the Big Bad Wolf

Reynaldo Vargas
Song for Semo
Unmovable You

D. Benjamin Marxer
Lines composed upon watching my friend deck some drunk guy in a dive bar last Thursday
On a long enough timeline, everything becomes mud
Tracks Marks and Cracks in the Sidewalk

2006 Sigma Tau Delta Contest Winners:

Lindsay Sloas
The Fall: Forbidden Fruit or Confused Gender?

Jeremy Thatcher
Minority Experience as Depicted in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man

Meredith Purvis
Glimmer of Light

Michael Howell
The Wait