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Journey 2006

Cover Design by Brian Rhodes

Cover art by Rochelle Steffen

Journey 2006

Stories, Poems, Essays, and Photographs published in Journey 2006

Kyle Barnett
Thank you
Write this down

Andy Dodson
Jesus Lights
The Campus
Gender-Neutral Language

Andy Dodson
The Writer
The Kitten
The Cat
The Assassin

Jason E. Padgett
The Decompression of Aquaman
Why is it?

Ben Pruett
Me Riding Me
Anteater Lips and Fuzzy Navel
Missellus Autoerotica

R. Brett Hammond
The Age of Inmate
The Darkness in Colin’s Living Room

Michael Howell
The Gift
Us: A Love Poem

Mandy Henley
She-Ra vs Cobra Command
Leaving the Alter
Elemental Roots
My Incarcerations
Hester Prynne Would Understand
Sharing Medusa’s Secret

D. Benjamin Marxer
The Gift
St. Louis, MO 63108
Love Poem for the Logically Minded
Dyed Black
Broken Transmission
See you at the crossroads

Dustin Michael
Bound for Revenge

Kristi Murray
My Unseen World

Georgia Dubson
Untitled 1
Untitled 2

Emily Eufinger
Art on the Peir
Holding Hands
Swift James’ Justice
All You Need Is a Little Hope
Sculpture in the City
In Love’s name for Love’s sake
One Pillar Stares Down Another

Meredith Purvis
A love poem for the delusional
I want to be differente
Cherry-Picking Childhood
Last Boy at the Buffet

Scooter Rex
“@!$#” Doesn’t Even Rhyme with “$#!@”
Total (In)Security
Théorie de toilette
Sex Ed’cation
Less Than Human
The Wait

Nicole Stanfield
This Is Metropolis
The Future We Planned
Living with a writer/It’s been done
The Mannequins at my Store
Ty Nant
My first memories of Water
Why I Drank Myself To Death While
Waiting for You to Get Off Work

Rochell Steffen

Kristina Yesley
It Doesn’t Snow in Italy
Farewell Bethlehem
Cobblestone Century

2006 Journey Award Winners

First Place
($50): “Dyed Black” by D. Benjamin Marxer
Second Place ($25): “Why I Drank Myself to Death While Waiting for You to Get Off Work” by Nicole Stanfield
Third Place ($25): “Cherry-Picking Childhood” by Meredith Purvis
Honorable Mention: “Leaving the Altar” by Mandy Henley

First Place ($50): “The Gift” by Michael G. Howell
Second Place ($25): “Anteater Lips and a Fuzzy Navel” by Ben Pruett
Third Place ($25): “in Love’s name, for Love’s sake” by Emily Eufinger

First Place ($50): “See You at the Crossroads” by D. Benjamin Marxer

First Place ($50): “Window” by Rochelle Steffen
Second Place ($25): “Bike” by Rochelle Steffen
Third Place ($25): “Untitled 2” by Georgia Dubson