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Journey 2005

Cover Artwork: Misty Sawyers

Journey 2005

Stories, Poems, Essays, and Photographs published in Journey 2005

Nicole Argent
Ode to Ryan Seacrest

Kathryn Carson
When the Rain Comes to Southeast
Missouri in August

Wade Christian
Chateau Valhalha

Davis Dunavin
This will never happen to you

Josh Evans
War Machine

Jarret Green
All Summer, no OC
Hiding in a Jewel Case
Pool Boy
Farm Tools
Pieces of left behind

Scooter Rex
Girls Have “Kicks” and “Phases”

Whitney Smith
If Only

Nicole Stanfield
Mg/Pedo/Best/Greek Myth

Jonathan E. U. Thomasson

Jon Thrower
Fighting A Good Dead Fight
Hell Yes, Her Husband Was
This Machine Kills

Shawn McLain
Listening for an Oasis
XX Magazine
Two Branches

Nikolai J. Watts
Northern Plains: a ghazal
Explication of “Northern Plains: a ghazal”

Dustin Michael
So That’s What An Aqueduct
Looks Like
Looking a Little Flushed
I am Catfish
Small Door in Remote Village

Amelie Morgan

Kristi Murray
The Statue of Omni

Jason Peters
From my Love

Tom Pridy

Ben Pruett
The Old Lie, Once Again
The Tide Rushes In

Molly Raines

Mandy Henley
Stripper Poetics
Sublunary Phases

Marcia Herring
Roach Motel

Michael G. Howell
Void of Light

Ben Marxer
American Graffiti
The Economics of Poems for Pizza
A View of Siene
Basic Readings
Archer Encased

Sarah Verelst
Childhood Exemption

Shaylin Montgomery
Kind Eyes

Kristina Yesley
little girls