Southeast Missouri State University Press

Summer 2015

Cover Photography: Samantha Peterson
Cover Design: Alex Hughes

Chainsaw Lament

Lowell Jaeger, Montana

Mysteries & Mayhem

Peter Bradley, New Hampshire

The Things We Once Were

Clare Paniccia, Missouri

Every Fire Has a Face

Walter Bargen, Missouri

The Real Hell

Claire Scott, California

Troy, Missouri 2001

Mallory Bochantin, Missouri

Goldilocks Passes Out

Marjorie Power, Colorado

Taking Back the Night

Rachel McGuinness, Indiana

Every 28 Days

Fallon Ashley, California

Reconsidering the Moon

Ronald J. Pelias, Louisiana

Hiking in Lolo National Forest

Ann Elizabeth Huston, Utah

Spring Knocks at the Door

Alamgir Hashmi, Pakistan

Drowned in a Sea of Corn

William Jolliff, Oregon


Jack Lindeman, Pennsylvania


Clayton Adam Clark, Missouri

Weeding in August

Daye Phillippo, Indiana


Kendall Dunkelberg, Mississippi

To a Sparrow

George Young, Colorado


Doug Bolling, Illinois

A Deer’s Death

Clair de Lune

David Armand, Louisiana

Family Cookout

James K. Zimmerman, New York


Snapshot of My Parents

When My Mother Died

Lucy Adkins, Nebraska

Zane’s Number

David Sapp, Ohio


Dividing the Curio Cabinet

Thomas Alan Holmes, Tennessee


Thomas N. Mannella III, New York

Notes on the Staff

Joanna White, Michigan


Allison Huang, New Jersey

Lunch Time Atlas

Naoko Fujimoto, Illinois

The Western

Benjamin Nash, Texas

Time at the Ferry Building

Mumbling their rosaries

Zara Raab, Massachusetts


Jesse Graves, Tennessee




Jared Pearce, Iowa

Standing Alone

Eugene Dubnov, England

Making the Picture

Noel Conneely, Ireland

Least That I Am

Jeff Hardin, Tennessee

Hunger Turns Heavy

James Grabill, Oregon

The Absurd Construction of Days

John Sibley Williams, Oregon

White Potatoes

Gary Metheny, North Carolina

Evolving Desire

Clifford Paul Fetters, Florida

Over the Horizon

Korkut Onaran, Colorado