Southeast Missouri State University Press

Spring/Summer 2016

Cover Photography: Sarah Katharina Kayß
Cover Design: Mary Christy
Editorial Assistants: Mary Christy, Sarah Vohsen

Driving at Night
Memento Mori
Richard Spilman, West Virginia

Morning Window
This Morning
Bill Brown, Tennessee

A Byzantine Carving of Orpheus
Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Florida

Instructions on the Box of Letting Go: After a Death
Ona Siporin, Utah

The Copyist
Lares and Penates
Jane O. Wayne, Missouri

John P. Kristofco, Ohio

Lauren Page, Virginia

Naila Fin Moreira, Massachusetts

Why Parents Say Because
Elizabeth Rees, Maryland

Manteno State Insane Asylum
Karen Loeb,Wisconsin

The Leaf Blower
Thom Schramm, Washington

The Smell of Books
Lucia Cherciu, New York

Throwing Stones
Supporting Cast
Robert J. Levy, New York

Curve Ball
Linda Parsons Marion, Tennessee

John N. Miller, Virginia

Things to Grow Around
Robert Parham, Georgia

Bill Pruitt, New York

Mark Steudel, North Carolina

The Chicken Cook
Bruce Bagnell, California

Chasing the Phoenix
George Freek, Illinois

Corner of the Eye Phenomenon
Marcia L. Hurlow, Kentucky

Once the Poem Becomes a Map
Charlene Langfur, California

Mosquito Hawks
What Stays Behind
Al Maginnes, North Carolina

The Fox
David Sapp, Ohio

Throwing It Away
Hal Sirowitz, Pennsylvania

Coping with a Personal Tragedy
Gary Metheny, North Carolina

Horseshoe Lake
David Gross, Illinois

Prophet #1: Elevator Man
Jeffrey Tucker, Utah

My Father in Winter with Machinery
Marjorie Saiser, Nebraska

One of Us
Claire Scott, California

Wanting Spring
Change of Seasons
Donna Pucciani, Illinois

Natural Disasters
Laton Carter, Oregon

Having a Dog
Matthew J. Spireng, New York

loup garou
Peter Arnds, Ireland

Which Weighs More, a Pound of Feathers or a Pound of Rocks?
Jeff Mock, Connecticut

Canada Geese
Joan I. Siegel, New York

The Real Question
Andre T. Demers, Maine