Southeast Missouri State University Press

Spring 2014

Cover Photography:
Bradley Phillips

Carl Auerbah
The Baby Who Slept Through the Genocide

Kelly Talbot

Stephen Reilly
When Will Peace Sing?
Chance Meeting

Susan Wheatley
The Fish Won’t Like It

James Crews
When I Think of the End of the World
Telling My Father
In the Yard After a Storm

Linda Jackson Collins
Enlisted Men

Bray McDonald
Meditations on a Bird in Flight

M. Shahid Alam
A Prayer

Korkut Onaran
Haghia Sophia
Topkapi Palace: The Architecture

Michael Biehl

Jean Hollander
Against Astrology

Robert Brickhouse
My Son Fishing, Holy Cross Wilderness, 1982

Keith Dunlap
Exterior Surfaces

Emily Eddins
Leaving Zion

Steve Myers
The Steel in Winter from Fahey Bridge

Joan Roberta Ryan

Patrice Warrender
After the Stars

Mary Makofske

Cindy King
True Crime
Of a Feather

William Snyder Jr.

Jesse Minkert
Leather Seat Cushion

Judith Sornberger
This Autumn Morning Arrays Itself

Richard Dinges Jr.
Size of a Bed

Carisa Valle
Waking With Closed Eyes

Robert Lunay
Wishes; Horses

Robert L. Penick
Each of You

Hal Sirowitz
The Lost Thumb

David Gross
Piasa Bird

Myron Ernst

John McKernan
Harpsichord Music
Each of the Horseshoes in My Barn

Lynn Hoggard
Leda and the Twinkies Truck
Midnight Walk, 2 P.M.

Kevin Honold
The Moon’s Letter to the Girl

Greg Moglia
In Scraggy Matching Jeans

Ricardo Pau-Llosa
Flying Over Illinois

Stanley M. Noah

William Jolliff
Collector Glass