Southeast Missouri State University Press

Spring 2013

Robert King
The Population of Seattle

Guy R. Beining
felt tongue (54)

Chris Souza
We Could Be Doves

Devon Miller-Duggan

Ralph Pennel
Jesus Was a Handsome Man
What We’ve Come to Expect from Beauty

William Greenway
A Call of Good News

Gail Hosking
Cabin Three, After Midnight

Gary Metheny
Long Ago in Spain

Alan Britt
Dream Song

Mark DeFoe

Arthur Plotnik
I Studied Under Philip Roth

William Snyder Jr.
In Late July

Dale Ritterbusch
A Cold Nip

Susan Kelly-DeWitt
Off-Season at the Japanese Tea Garden

Elena Lelia Radulescu
Still Life With Blueberries

Lex Runciman
Colors Fading, the sea
What He Did in the War

Elizabeth Rees
Stieglitz Photograph

Paul Benton
On Being Asked Again For Something By Someone I Didn’t Know

Gina Williams

Lisa C. Krueger
Why We Don’t Skype

Deborah Bacharach
Lot Sits at the Gates to the City

Mark Taksa

D. James Smith
Come Nightfall

Edward A. Dougherty
Self-Portrait, In the Eye of Stone
The History of Love

David Lipsitz
Last Shared Meal
Beyond Fingerprints

Russell Rowland
Ways to Eat an Apple

Ron Salisbury

C.W. Emerson
Colony Song

Daniel W.K. Lee

Wally Swist
Experiencing the Light

Lana I. Ghannam
Coventry Forest

John Paul O’Connor

Ken Haas
The Equalizer

Don Kunz

Gaylord Brewer
Ghost Takes the Evening Bus, Briefly Dozes

Kendall Dunkelberg

Philip Sterling
The Etymology of March

Stephen Germic
A New Axis