Southeast Missouri State University Press

Spring 2012

Brad Johnson

Terry Savoie
Elegy II

Kevin Stein
The Soup Compromise
Ars Poetica @ 57

Kevin Rabas
Wild Horses, Road

Laura Dimmit
Extra People After the Storm

Thomas Alan Holmes
’67 Bonneville, Goodbye

George Such
Action Potential

Rick Marlatt
At the Pound
Provoking the Bull

Jan LaPerle
The Weight and Washing Up

Leslie Paolucci
Tell Tale

James Crews
A Supermarket in Rural California
Inside a Window
At the All-Night Laundromat

Patrick Barcus
Waiting for Connor

Christopher Shipman
Learning the Alphabet

Jean-Mark Sens
Of the Virtues of Rain

Ray Keifetz
Our Summer Field

Clay Matthews
Elegy for a Four Door Beater

Carol Bell
How to Survive a Tornado

Noel Sloboda
The Robbery

Randy Blythe

C.D. Albin
Cicero Jack Considers the Cougar’s Return

Dan Morris
The Day We Saw Kenny G. at Pike Place Market

Peter Serchuk
Ready to Go

Bern Mulvey
Gomi Station
Virtual Idol

Mary Crow

Mark Vogel
The Reach

Steven Winn
How Norman Rockwell Kept Me Out of the Boy Scouts

Angie Macri
Riley Lake
The Hard Rhyme of Good Night

Rachel de Baere
Return to Sainte Marie Sur Mer

Clayton Adam Clark
The Done To

Catherine Childress
Instead of You

David Shattuck
Fly Fishing