Southeast Missouri State University Press

Spring 2009

Robert Funge
Memory Street

Lucy Adkins
A Woman’s Hunger

Diane Webster
Vision Beyond

Eva-Maria Sher
Where Pavement Ends

Susan Howard Case
Home Repair

John Jacob
Joey Lefter

Suzanne M. Levine
Maple Syrup, Honor System

Marjorie Stelmach
Too Much With Us
One Day, She’s Had It Up To Here

Stephen Massimilla
At Edge of Earth, Vacating on the Cheap
Dusty Took Dips

Kelley Jean White, MD
On the Shortest Day of the Year

Joanne Lowery
Light Over the Barn Door Shines Blue

Daniel Polikoff

Jan Ball
Parental Pardon

Lara Gularte
Kissing the Bee

Joannie Kervran Stangeland

Christy Ferrato
Tour of Duty

Jean C. Howard

Sandy McCord
The Class of ’86

Marjorie Power

William Jolliff
What Frank Snow’s Little Sister Says

Matthew J. Spireng
Indian Wells, Sacred River

Louis Daniel Brodsky
The Loons of Lake Nebagamon

Candace Black

Harry Moore
Two Waterfowl

Edison Dupree
The Flies

Hans Stahlschmidt
Banking Hours

Michael Carrino
How Lucky to Be Fearless of Disappearing
Whitehall Canal

Steve Myers
St. Machar’s: The Sett Maker

Hilary Sideris

Christina Forrest
Painting Fence

Kathi Stafford

Chuck Tripi

Patrick Barcus
Waiting for Connor

Henry Rappaport
After Dinner at the Foothills Cafe

Robert Hamblin
Taking Down the Ornaments

Carol Hamilton
The Proper Prayer

James Doyle
The Herd