Southeast Missouri State University Press

Spring 2007

Carol Hamilton
Across The Hanging Bridge
Hearing Other Worlds

Ka Bowles
Celluloid Angel

C. D. Albin
Barn Chore
This Side

Jonathan Barrett
Home For Christmas

Jennifer Bosveld
Days When We Could See Inside
Once But On Its Way To Somewhere

Robert King
Girl Swinging

Jason Tandon
For Our Anniversary

Robert Funge
Once Again
Dear Friend,

John Grey
On The Operating Table

Sharon Doyle
Tristram Is Seven, And Slender, And Pale

Jane Reed
Lady In Her Garden

Janis A. Russell
Our Holiday Gift To A Nephew This Year Was A Calendar From Toy & Tractor Dealer, John Deere

David Linebarger
History Lesson From The High School Bleachers
Paganini’s Fingers

Donna Pucciani
Sparrow Down

Carla Panciera
To My Newly Injured Right Bicep

A. D. Winans
San Francisco Streets

David Troupes
The Carnival

William Jolliff
Not Drowning In Fulton Creek
Surprised By Corn

Steven Parsons
Lambert Field Five Miles Out

Larson Bowker
Artesian Springs, A Bag Boy And A Nickel Moon
In The Mirror Of The Heart

Earl Coleman
Fear of Floating

Myron Ernst
Mr. Eichel’s Rusted Pickups

Michael Trammell
Goya Revealed In Our Visit To El Prado

John P. Kristofco
Amish Girl, At Sunset

Gladys Justin Carr
Hospice Song

Robert Wexelblatt
Hair Haiku
Qui Sibi Placet

Gary Beck
Back To Work

R. G. Cantalupo

Lyn Lifshin
Belly Dancing On A Day Snow Keeps Melting

Fredrick Zydek
Rocks For The Grave

Noel Sloboda

Ruth Holzer
Moving Day

Ryan G. Van Cleave
The Leftorium

T. N. Turner
Universal Melting

David Sapp
The Drop Leaf Table

Ida Fasel
After Watching Nova On Public TV