Southeast Missouri State University Press

Spring 2004

Kenneth Frost
Around The Lullaby

Karla Huston
Catch and Release

Laura Hope-Gill
Reading Niagra

Carol Hamilton
Cecropia Moth
Guilty: Home Cooked Complex

Louis McKee

Leonard Cirino
The Last Supper

D. M. Ross
Getting Out

Sulena Swann
Ash Of Ancient Star

Richard Dinges, Jr.

Ida Fasel
Brahms: Intermezzo.Op.117, No. 2

Karen Hausdoerffer
Snake People

Carol Carpenter
Rock Crushes Scissors

Davide Trame

Parker Towle
To The Boy With The Flying Hair

Richard Mack
Postcards From The Border I
Postcards From The Border II

Walter Griffin
Long Distance

Robert M. Chute
Point of View

Dan Stryk
Still Place
A Chilly Meditation

Jean-Mark Sens

Larsen Bowker
Memorial Day Services In Trumbull, Nebraska

Michael D. Riley

Robert W. Cosgriff
Cicada Time

Maureen Flannery
Living It Up In The Loire Valley

Jeffrey Alfier
Stuffed Animals

Christine Stewart-Nunez
Inhabited For 6,000 Years

Stephen Germic
Beach, One Year Later

Mark O’Hara
“Kukomo Hum Has Residents Leaving”

Lori Levy
Wedding Ring
What’s In A Rose?

Thomas Stein
In Bulgaria

James Doyle

Robert Hamblin
This Fall Day
Always, Before Joy

Allan Douglass Coleman
Cold Shower (A Note To My Jailers)

David Sapp
The Tempest

Sandy Mccord
For A Sister Whose Skin Bleeds

Gaylord Brewer
Her Tippet, Only Tulle

Dorothy McLaughlin
Noah’s Daughter-In-Law
Touchable Sculpture

Patrick Whitfill
Yellow Monday

Kelley Jean White

Martha Christina
At Last