Southeast Missouri State University Press

Spring 2003

Jeanne Wagner
At The Firing Range

Karen White
Black Helvella

Judith Harway

Walt McDonald
Summers On Uncle Oscar’s Ranch

David Elliott
Identifying The Body

Lloyd Henley
In The Photo Album
A Theological Questions

Karen Raby
Morning On The Pond

Taylor Graham
November Afterwards
Recalling Chester

Barb Lundy

Richard Dinges, Jr.
When My Day Ends

Sandy McCord

Larsen Bowker
Growing Old In Boise
She Raised Catalpa Trees

David C. Meyer
Before The Plow

William Jolliff
The Season of Heaven

Gary Duehr
Story Street

David Sapp
The Girls At Paestum

Mark J. Mitchell
Text and Subtext

Jesse Lee Kercheval
For A Child With Fever

Shannon Marquez McGuire
The Dull Knife

Greg Gregory

Richard William Pearce
Summer Evening

Marcella Fleischman Pixley
Miscarriage Eve

Melissa Stephenson

Inman Majors
Saturday Morning

Michael Manorwski
Winter Fruit

Robert Krut
180 Miles To El Paso

Deanna Bayer
Mrs. Prufrock

James Doyle
Soldier And Horse

Peggy Messerschmidt
Worm Words

Louis Daniel Brodsky
An Also-Ran

Donna Pucciani

Charles A. Peek
Professor Rozema Answers The Phone

Lyn Lifshin
My Mother Never Wanted Flowers

Dee Leroy

J. E. Bennett

Matthew J. Spireng

James Mackie
A Summer Day In October
Elegy In Yellow And Blue

Gail White
Crossing Water

Amy Jo Schoonover
Bone Fragments

Diane Halsted