Southeast Missouri State University Press

Spring 2002

Shirley G. Cochrane
View As Art

Timothy Kaiser

Susan Terris
Photo: Adirondack Chairs
Eye Of The Water Lilly

Robert Wozniak
The Shooter-Gang Lu

Wm. Meyer, Jr.
Agent Stone

Earl Coleman

Michael Walls

Joannie Kervran Stangeland
Santa Margherita Ligure

Abby Millager
Kotelnich Town

Virgil Suarez
At The Wall
Comesen / Termites

Robert Fanning
Last Dancers

R. G. Cantalupo
The Far Reading

Michael Dickel
Ground Fog

Phyllis K. Collier
Remembering Passion

Philip Ramp

Michael P. McManus
Summer’s End

Rina Ferrarelli
Michelangelo Tells Me About The Slaves

Lisa Summers
Pileated Woodpecker
County Fair

David B. Tomasovitch
Heraclitus Vs. Ozymandias

Larsen Bowker

Daniel Saalfeld
Storage Room

Stephen Carson

Loralee Clark

Walter Griffin
Something Grazes

C. A. Gardner
House of Dreams

Teruko Anderson-Jones
My Parents, Running

Robert L. Brimm
Naming The Fish

Grace Butcher
Chicken Little Was Right
By The Light Of The Candlefish

Peter Hilty
Late Afternoon Visitor

Parker Towle
Your Beach, Two Lives

Rachel Barenblat

Laurence Weber
Fear Of Love

James Mackie
Full Moon Rising
History Lesson

Robert M. Chute
Spirit Words
The 39th Copy

Marjorie Roberts
Close Your Eyes

Robert King
Old Lebeau, South Dakota

Michael S. Smith
Home For The Fourth

Stephen Kopel
Faint Flame