Southeast Missouri State University Press

Spring 2001

Randy Huntsberry
Tulips Dancing
Green Street Station

George L. Bristol
Big City Western Union

Susan Terris
The Night Mind
Playing The Bear

Joshua Chaparro
In That Summer

Brad Clompus
View Of Mt. Katahdin From Frost Pond

Daniel Tobin
Barkaloo Cemetery

Walt McDonald
Faith Is A Radical Master

Barbara Wuest

Virgil Suarez

M. A. Schaffner
Young Friend With Rheumatoid Arthritis
The Origins of Speech

W. B. Keckler
Trying To Capture Your Shape

Linda Jenkins
Two Women At A Bar

Carol Hamilton
The Comediennes

Eve Wood
The History Of Where I Live

John Surowiecki
Piano Lesson
Dennis Transformed Into A Thrush

Matt Morris
A Walt Whitman Sampler

Lisa C. Taylor
Balancing Act/After Mastectomy

Rob Griffith
A Thursday Matinee In Plato’s Cave

Samantha Magrath
The Sun Has Its Tongue In My Ear

Mary-Beth O’Shea-Noonan
Pointing Back

Russell Rowland

Dan Memmolo
Tchaikovsky’s Head

Devorah Namm
A String Of Moments

Gary Duehr
Between Dog And Wolf

Matthew J. Spireng
Sometimes I Long

Lenny Dellarocca
A Lesbian Registered Nurse Tells Us About Her Work At A Hospice While We Smoke Marijuana At A Friend’s Party

Donna Pucciani
Lost And Found

Renee Carter Hall
By Sea, Out Of A Dream

Erin S. Chan
A Thursday Afternoon

Jan C. Minich

Amanda Rogers