Southeast Missouri State University Press

Southeast Missouri State University

Spring 1998

Carole Cohen
Growing Shadows

Stephen Frech
Delivering Milk

Judi K. Beach
Next Time

Marjorie Stelmach
Miniature: On The Irish Ferry

Lew Klatt

Melissa Gurley Bancks

David George
While Reading A Biography Of Roethke

Samantha Magrath
Pet Theory
Cats Have Turned Their Backs

G. C. Waldrep
This Kindled Night

Dianna Henning
God Is An Elevator Going Up

Marc Swan

Joseph H. Ball

Edward Schelb
Consolations Of Philosophy

Phyllis K. Collier
Translation From The Edge

Walt McDonald
For Boys And Girls In Canyons

Rick Allan Roll
A Near Death Experience

Candice Bodnaruk

Steven A. Trulock
Hunting Rabbits In Winter

David Sapp

Scott Travis Hutchinson
Rope Swings After Work
Mummies For The Crows

Bob Tremmel
The People Here

Jianqing Zheng
Divorced Love

Edward Byrne
Cormorants In Morning Light

Doug Simpson
What Is Left Behind

Brian Neal Kirchner
Cottonwood Falls

Charles W. Pratt
The Merger

Joe Benevento

E. G. Burrows

Burton L. Carlson

Joyce Odam
Consider A Summer Chair

Don Kunz
Last Days

Bill Sweeney
A Subject To Fits
Sunday Morning

Peter Bethanis
The Lion Tamer’s Guide

David Starkey
The Third Child

Charles A. Waugaman

Walter Griffin
Petit Mal
Radio Nights

Carl Bramblett
The False Light of Angels

Helene Pilibosian
Tea With Saffron