Southeast Missouri State University Press

Fall 2014/Winter 2015

Cover Photography: Bradley Phillips
Editorial Assistants: Alex Hughes, Carrie Walker

Charles Laird Calia
Eleventh Avenue, New York

John P. Kristofco

Alan Elyshevitz
The Donor

William Greenway
The Night Terrors
Henchmen of Horror

Scott Kinder-Pyle
Testimony Transplant

Zebulon Huset
Stepping Onto a Curb in the Fall

Jeff Gundy
Meditation with Gravel and Quilt
Life in the Complex

Angie Macri
The Apple Marked as the Cardinal in the Garden

Marc Hudson
My Alluvial Reveries

Eric Ham
An Ozark Waltz

Dennis Braden
Against Change

Harvey J. Baine

Joan Canby

Dah Helmer
Going Coastal

Ken Fifer
Turning Red to Green Again

Lilace Mellin Guignard
From The Lost Letters of Eve

James K. Zimmerman
Little Miracles in the Dark

Jacqueline Jules
How Is Mom Holding Up?

Will Wells
Street Preacher

Mark Jackley
It Was Late and We Stopped Talking, But We Didn’t Hang Up

Michelle Gillett
As the Crow Flies

Cody Simpson
Portrait of the Theorist as a Young Void

Charles Peek
American Literature: Grapes of Wrath

Allen Frederick Stein
Rejection: An Ode of Sorts

D. James Smith
Cafe Dissertation

Gaylord Brewer
Library Due Date

Chuck Tripi
Learning to Draw

Mark Taksa

Allan Garry
Forced Philanthropy

Mark Belair
The Olive Tree

Matthew J. Spireng
March Morning

James Najarian

Robert Clinton
The Fix I’m In

Alice Friman
You Ask How One Begins

James B. Nicola