Southeast Missouri State University Press

Fall 2013

Debbie Benson
After My Father Died
Our Common Fever
On Dualism

Jody Azzouni
Even God is tempted by fruit

Don Boes
On the Politics of Graffiti & the Moon’s Dark Side

Donna Pucciani
Sidewalk and Ball
Opening the Curtains

Jamie Donohoe
Orphaned Red

David McAleavey
Evoking Things

Mark Vogel
a hint, an unannounced future

Jeffrey C. Alfier
Shipyard Sonata
Muscle Car

Michael Salcman
Why Struggle

Laura McCoy
The National Museum of Ireland

Sandy McCord
Eseberg Burial

Daniel James Sundahl
One Day in Soldier, Iowa, 1968

Dorothy Duncan Burris
Ice Babies

Richard Spilman

Len Krisak
On Receiving a Book from a Poet Friend

Wally Swist
In Memory of Jack Gilbert

V.P. Loggins
July 27, 1890

C.D. Albin
The Will and Testament of Cicero Jack

Keith Alexander
Laps at Midnight
Signs of Life

Peter Marcus
Riding These Disrupted Lines: Three New York City Suicide Elegies

Larry Starzec
Last Night
The Flock

M. Shahid Alam

John P. Kristofco

Larry Crist
On the road to Happy Camp

Carol Hamilton
Lye Soap Soup

Lucy Adkins

Sally Van Doren
Me, Myself and I

Joanne Lowery

Karl Krolow, translated by Stuart Friebert
The Power of the State

Steven Pelcman
Room 229

Heather Rick

Mark Belair

Robert Joe Stout
A Good Book

Carolyn Steinhoff
The Songbird, the Petal

Noel Conneely
Falling for Love

Marjorie Power
Kitchen Counter

Elizabeth Rees
Eating a Nectarine

Kelly Talbot
White Crane Having Flown