Southeast Missouri State University Press

Fall 2012

Leslie Ullman
Nova that Suddenly
Before They Plowed the Orchard Under

William Miller
Poets in America

Stephen Massimilla
How to Eat the Artichoke

Philip Dacey
When I Was Thrown Out of

Korkut Onaran
Of a Modest World

John Sibley Williams
Iron Rain

Spencer Smith
Industrial Revolution

Jeffrey C. Alfier
Fisher Body Plant 21
Avenue F

Joe Benevento
After Hurricane Irene Did Not Destroy NYC

Jeff Gundy
Somewhere Near Defiance
The Map of My Self
The Unreliable Narrator Reports on the Narrative Workshop

Jean-Mark Sens
Dutch Afrika

Anupama Amaran
Durga Talks to a Rape Victim

Philip C. Kolin
Fermi in Black and White

Amy Eisner

David Staudt
Life Story
Memorial Service for Hattie and Woodrow

Rosamond Zimmermann
Fox Sparrow

Luisa Villani
Needs Be That Signs Must Come

Clarence Wolfshohl
Scattering Ashes

Joanne Lowery
As a Witch’s Tit

Greg McBride
Fractal Poetry
Folding Laundry

Christine Stewart-Nunez

Lance Nizami
Math 101, for Adriano Pinzon Mesa

Dick Allen
Stepping on Shadows
Spinning the Wheels
Traveling to Bluegrass

Steven Ray Smith

Walter Bargen
Bench Sitter

Matthew J. Spireng
The Eagle (For Kelly)

Erika T. Wurth
At the Edge of Drowning

Mark Belair
Foot Check

Terry Brix
From You

Malaika Favorite
Remember Me
Your Sheet of Paper

Hagan Pedersen
The Idler

Amy Schulz
Ritual Before Sleep

Tamara Woehl
Novi Sad

Robert H. Guard
The Cat Is My Soul

Kaye Bartholomew
Miley Cyrus is Engaged!

Wally Swist
Experiencing the Light

Michael Hettich
The Old Friend

Frannie Lindsay
Lovers on the Red Line Train at Midday
Prayer for the Homeless Man Who Cried When I Asked Him to Tell Me His Story