Southeast Missouri State University Press

Fall 2009

Jennifer Tappenden
New Medians on the Boulevard

Ginny Lowe Connors
Under the Porch
The False Mirror

Mark Taksa
Story Knife

Dave Malone
Hog Red

Mark Vogel

Spencer Hanvik
Arriving as a Ghost

Barbara Rockman
The Clingings

Robert Aquinas McNally
Common Stinkhorn

Kitty Forbes
Dog Night

Teresa Sutton
Fanged Frog Discovered in Mekong River Region
On Keeping Mom in the Kitchen

Peter Harris
Tibetan Terrier

Susan R. Williamson
Falling Out

Paul Felsch
The Time I Almost Got Arrested for Reading
a Poem

Meredith Davies Hadaway
Flight Path

Lisa Badner
Macaroons: The Last Days

Margaret B. Ingraham
Snail’s Pace

Stephen Massamilla
Desert Runes

Cynthia Carmichael
Soccer Mom Waiting

Cordell Caudron
Dickey’s Deliverance

Robert Cooperman
Mary Agnes Cochran, Chambermaid at the Grand Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky

David Sapp
The Wife
Winter Pine

Marta Ferguson

David Gross
Freak Show

Kathleen M. McCann
The Frost Place, Derry, New Hampshire

Bruce Lader
Salt Creek Falls, Oregon (June 19, 2009)

Jessica Levine

Robert Hamblin
The Suburbanite Reads the L.L. Bean Catalog

Mark Putzi
To a Seamstress

Gary Metheny
Hornets in the Woodpile

Joseph Prendergast
Beauvais Cathedral

Diane Sherman
Meeting the Reader

Joanne Lowery
She Who Glares