Southeast Missouri State University Press

Fall 2008

Earl Coleman
A Private Moment on the Lot

Karen Hildebrand

Bruce Lowry
Alzheimer’s Blessing

Marc Elihu Hofstadter
Son House

Richard Dinges, Jr.
Red Wing Boots

Scott Alexander Jones
Sleepers Cut from Cypress

Stephanie Coyne DeGhett
Tripedal Balance

Carol Hamilton
Ovis Dalli Dalli
Silhouettes at Dawn

Gaylord Brewer
Swami Keerti Reminds Me That I Am God
and Suggests a Bedtime Meditation

C.D. Albin

Donna Pucciani
What I Write About

Robert Cooperman
Every Word
Coffee House Encounter

Matthew J. Spireng

Joe Wilferth
Homestead 1803. Part I
Homestead 1803, Part II

Sharon Doyle
But This Was Broadway

John P. Kristofco
Prom Picture

Sandy McCord
Ten Chimneys

Alice Pero
Suburban Landscape

John Grey
Open a Book
Blood Ritual

James Doyle
After Reading the Plaque at the Historic Site

Carolyn Stoloff
My Meteora

Ben Moeller-Gaa
The Cats
After They Leave

David Bond
Hard Women

Robert King
Walking Home

Michael Johnson

Simon Perchik

Naomi Ruth Lowinsky
Her Familiar

Mike Bassett
A Case Study From the National Sleep Research Center

Muriel Harris Weinstein
Upon Seeing the Floral Paintings of O’Keeffe

Red Shuttleworth
Hurrying Into the Horizon

Don Johnson
Rope Burns: Mad Dog, Four-Point Stance

Ryan Quinn Flanagan
Black-Eyed Susans

Jane Stuart
A Slippery Wind

George Higgins

Maura Gage Cavell
Blasted Hearts