Southeast Missouri State University Press

Fall 2007

Dennis Saleh
Beach, Later

Richard Braco
Winter Painting

William F. Coker

Richard Dinges, Jr.

Ann Lesley Hamvas
On The Front Porch

Joanne Lowery
Becoming The News
What Clouds Think

Kelley Jean White
Breaking News (The Great Stone Face Has Collapsed!)

James Doyle
The Scorpion
In The Garden

Anne Coray
Blank Fill

Carol Hamilton
Full Tilt In July

Myron Ernst
A Jew Out At Sea Again In The Church Of Mary Mother Of The Redeemer
The Juggler

Philip Miller
How We Are

Lucy Adkins

Mark Wagenaar
A Moon In The Yellow River

Barry Ballard
Dawn: The Ceremony
The Way Out

Matthew J. Spireng

Kenneth Frost
When The Wind Drew Up

Robert Joe Stout
It’s Called Marriage

Robert Tremmel
Thanksgiving Parade

Gaylord Brewer
The Months

Hamish Guthrie
Night Fishermen On Bronte Pier

Jo LeCoeur
She Has Always Been Our Constant
Kitchen Shadow

Lowell Jaeger
Poem On The Playground

Jean Esteve
Before Breakfast

Robert Hamblin
The Book Falls From My Hands

Don Johnson
One Year Later

Frederick Davis
Of Pigs

Mark Vogel
Cured Icy Spring

Donna Pucciani
The Moment
Thoughts On An Aging Body