Southeast Missouri State University Press

Fall 2003

William Jolliff
Angel Rain
Call It Judgement

Gary L. Lark

David C. Meyer
Distant Rumble

B. E. Stock

Richard Dinges, Jr.
Shadow Snow

Jim Last
Snowshoeing The Porcupines

Jay Carson
The Monongahela River in October West Virgina
Wounded Year

Hans Ostrom
Trees On A College Campus
The Leopard And The City

Larry Starzec
The Argument
Ghost Beads

Robert Funge
At Davies Symphony Hall

Clay Matthews
The Linoleum Harvest

Darlene Moore Berg
Hey, Good Looker

R. G. Cantalupo

Marjorie Power
Raven Triptych

John Fitzpatrick
Return From Windham

Donna Pucciani
Leonid Meteor Shower

Lee Slonimsky
Pythagoras’s Broken Triangle
Pythagoras At Sunset

Karen Roush
Winter Harvest
Fire Island

Judith Harway

Marjorie Stelmach
My Words

Julie Lechevsky

Mary Makofske
Handing Over Your Life

Robert L. Brimm
Words Borrowed And Never Returned

Janis Russell

Ruth Holzer

John Grey
There Is No True Vacation Spot

Patrick Hicks
Traveling Through A Weightless Battlefield
Shoes and Flowers

Joanne Lowery
Death Drives An Ice Cream Truck
Dog Of August

Matthew J. Spireng
Life List

George E. Fortier
Prayer During A Storm

Jean Esteve

Frederick W. Bassett
Rock Springs Churchyard

Will Nixon
My Secret Friend

Robert Lowes
Mr. Duggan

Carla Panciera
Miriam’s Ghost
Helen, Young And Dancing

Maryfrances Wagner

Joan Gelfand

James Mackie
Love The Windmills