Southeast Missouri State University Press

Fall 2001

William C. Blome
Multicolored Chinese Lanterns

Marjorie Stelmach
The Naval Base

Elizabeth Neumayer
Gauging Parallels

Ida Fasel
High-Level Meeting

Becky Cheston

R. A. Burns
April Sunday
Buffalo Wallow

Bliss Morehead
Running Into Andy At The Whitney
She Is Reading When The Man With The Wings Walks In

Anya Krugovoy

Syndi Keats
Seasons Passing

Fredrick Zydek
The Death Of A Goldfish Named Ralph Ann

Joanne Lowery
Midwest Metamorphoses: Spider

Penny Cagan
The Wish

Dianalee Velie
First Wife

Lucy Warlick
Hog Kill

Geary Danihy
Could Be Cobwebs

Donna Pucciani
Night In Manchester

Kyrla J. Lowe
Wild Weather Changes

Michael Salcman
Stubbs Not Seen
Romantic Organ

Nancy G. Westerfield
Railroad Weeds

William L. Norine

James S. Proffitt
In My Hand, Our Vision, Bone To Bone

Ryan G. Van Cleave
Los Angeles To Portland

Larry D. Thomas
This Place So Hard
After Surgery

Rachel Victoria Mills
I Always Think Of You

Anne Silver

William Rushton
To A Waitress At Dreamland Barbecue

Cynthia Warryn Leffner
The Brainwasher
Making Strawberry Jam

Michael S. Smith
Winter Watering

Sally Jo Sorensen
A Birder’s Guide To Meeker County

Richard Alan Brunch
Leonardo’s Eye

Erica Pedersen
Different Churches

Britton Gildersleeve

Michael Cleary
In The Year I’m Old As My Father Ever Was

Diane Lilli

Robert Eastwood
The Waiting Room

George Young

Gail White
The Feast Of St. Augustine

Deborah H. Doolittle
How To Talk To Hummingbirds
The Parable Of The Mocking Bird

Barbara Novack