Southeast Missouri State University Press

Fall 1997

Art Madson
Trial Separation

Karen Hirsch
Benediction: While You Sleep In The Adjoining Room

Kerri Brostrom

Michael Koenig
Virgin Spring

Liz Vederman
Across Kansas
Bar On The Edge Of Chinatown, San Francisco

Cara Chamberlain
The Atacoma Of My Father’s Diagnosis

Louis McKee
One Night

James Hoggard
East Wind Over Weehawken

Charles London Cyndian
Lea Bopolo A Fire Engine Of Dreams

John Grey

Michael Krebs
When All The Ands Are Ampersands

Michael L. Johnson
Willa Cather

Judy Klare
As If Naming

Elizabeth Glass
The Crack

Allen Braden
Fantasy At The AM/PM Convenience Store

Valerie L. Egar
The Snake Merchant’s Daughter

Another Heart Of The Matter

Tania Runyan
The Distance Of Hibiscus

Geoffrey Woolf
When You’re Not Here I Notice Things

Claudia Grinnel
At Christmas

Allison Eir Jenks
Too Far In

Michael Finley
Hot And Cold Running Good Friday

Gail J. Peck
The Difficult Things

Robert E. Brown

Sean Rima
Hotel Suicide

Susan Terris

William Snyder, Jr.
A World In Another

Gail Morse
For Anne Sexton, Twenty Years After Her Suicide
For A Singer Seeking Her Own Voice

Courtney Angela Brkic
Herzegovina 1930
Bosnia: August, 1996

Stanley Chin
Night Driving/”Blue Moon”
Estate Sales

Bill Sweeney
Snow Angel

Doug Flaherty
Four A.M. In Oceana County

Barbara Daniels
Leaving Colorado

Thomas Michael McDade

Robert Chute
Range Hill Cemetery

Laurel Speer

Geri Rosenzweig
This Bach Cantata
Subjunctive Mood

R. D. Valerio
Death On A Pale Bicycle