Southeast Missouri State University Press

Fall 1996

Albert W. B. Manzelli
Fortunate Brother

Jane McClellan
Thoughts On A Late Afternoon

Linda Keegan

Judy Kronenfeld
Middle-Aged Memory

Thomas Heise
Four Poems: A Memoir

John Minczeski
The Other

Leslie Paolucci
Water Music

Twyla Hansen
This Early Evening

Jesse Graves

Liz Dossa

Felicia Mitchell
Woman Throwing Herself Into The Moscow River
A Portrait: Georgia O’Keeffe

S. K. Duff
Passion Fish

Carol Hamilton
Before Winter

Jean Berrett
The Study Of Purpose Of Intention In Nature
At A Coffee Shop On Market Plaza, San Francisco, Morning

Loretta Watts
Housekeeping Sestina

Ken Waldman
Phantom Pain

David C. Meyer
I’ve Thought Of Going Home Soon
The Round Brush In My Father’s Shed

Joanne Lowery
How Mr. Dead Earns A Living

John P. Kristofco
The Black Piano

Gregor Delisle
Dog Catches Frisbee

Jack Troutner
The Survival Of Pop Art: Flirtatious Woman In James Rosenquist’s Painting, Secret Incarnation (1984)
Late French Impressionism: Pierre Bonnard’s The Abduction Of Europa (1919)

Don Mager
Autumn Night
On Endings (1)
Sunday Morning

Andrew Dillon

Stephen Cushman
Of Hawks And Doves

Daniel Gutierrez
Valentine’s Day
Out Of The Brown

Fredrick Zydek
The Wild Rose

Matthew J. Spireng

Walter McDonald
Dawn On The Telephone Wires

Jack Martin
Zeno Says

Grace Butcher
The Swings
In The Tent

Neill Megaw
Archimedes Naked