Southeast Missouri State University Press

Fall 1995

William Jolliff
Merle Freeman’s Auction

John T. Selawsky
Rainstorm, Coming Upon The Frogs

Carol Hamilton
Forked Tongues
Monarch Journey

Philip Miller
The Family, Circa 1950

Genevieve Stephens
Less Than A Whisper

Catherine M. Deddens
The Suburban Deer

Gary Fincke
Writing Basics

Joe Benevento

Muriel Harris Weinstein
Residents Of The Margaret Tietz Nursing Home

Laura Berstein

J. Patrick Kelly
The Sky, The Water

Mark O’Hara
Photo Of My Grandfather, 1944

Karen Kovacik
Come As You Are
The Art Of Love

Matthew J. Spireng
Killdeer After A Late Planting In Corn

Edward Byrne
Grace Notes

Kerri Brostrom
Field Day

Jeffrey L. Dye
Sunset Beach

Kathleen Key
The Holy Rollers Of Faith Baptist Church

Randall Garrison
Pretty Young Girl In The Charleston Market

Deb Plummer

Sean Bentley

David Chester

Anne Warner
The Reporter

Neill Megaw
Miss Mercury

Cathy Griffith

Mel Belin
Shoe Shine Man

Rachel Channon Crain
Train Crossing

George Young
Garden Of The Lost
A Chaos Of Swallows

J. J. McKenna
Noah And Company

David Athey
All Soul’s Day, St. Paul Civic Center

Barbara M. Simon
Real Life

Barbara Novack

Earl Coleman
A Failed Cartographer

Laura Albrecht
Petting Zoo

Don Mager
Shakespeare At Dusk

Peggy Gambill
A View From The Milky Way

Gary Doyle
On Shooting A Snake In My Front Yard

Steven Bellin
Coy Sketch