Southeast Missouri State University Press

Fall 1994

Evelyn Wexler
All In Season

Elaine Smokewood
It’s Not The Heat

Katherine M. Mercurio
Remembering Thoreau
Returning To School

Noelle Kocot
Words And Things

David Starkey
I Recognized Myself In A Biography Of Dylan Thomas

Jan Epton Seale
Dealing In Futures
Begging At St. Mark’s

George Freek
Postscript From Magritte

M. A. Schaffner
Logan Circle

Allison Joseph
For Mother, After The Reading

William Jolliff
Telling Fortunes

Deanne Bayer
Changes In The Colors Of Love

M. Lisa Shattuck

Robert Edwards

Marjorie Stelmach

Linda Keegan
Back Forty

Bill Hennessey
Fable For My Father

Thomas Kretz
Striped Things And Food

Susan Terris

Julian Gitzen
Created For The Night

William Greenway
Free Radicals

Leslie Palmer
To The Post, Athlon Flaubert

Lance Lee
Sleepwalking At Dawn

Phyllis K. Collier
The Beginning Of Fear

Charles Edward Mann
Such Freedom

Robert Gibbons

Andrea Adam Brott
When They Come For Me

Gary Juliano
Dance Lessons

R. D. Valerio

Neill Megaw
Morning Mist, Waquoit Bay
London: Waterloo Bridge

Allison Grayhurst
It Is Not Like Hell

Don Mager

Bill Sweeney
The Everly Brothers (Tet, 1968)

Hugh Ogden

Andrew Dillon
A Main Street

David C. Meyer
Daddy’s Little Girl

John Grey
Computers That Talk Back

G. Antoinette O’Heeron
Song Of The Cicada