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Big Muddy 9.1

Cover Photo:

Holes made by the pileated woodpecker at Emiquon National Wildlife Refuge, Illinois, near the Spoon River’s mouth.
Photographed by Thomas V. Lerczak, April 21, 2008, with a Nikon 35 mm SLR.

Cover Design:

Caleb Tankersley

Big Muddy 9.1


Dr. Susan Swartwout

Assistant Editor

Mandy Henley
Marcia Herring

Publishing Interns

Caitlin Brown
Stacy Orris
Joshua Smith
Caleb Tankersley
Maggie Walter

Editorial Assistants

Donna Essner
Jennifer Hotop

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Margaret Dulaney, Pennsylvania

Steven Faulkner, Virginia
Sand Bank

Dell F. Pendergrast, Virginia
Family Rifts

Blake Perkins, Arkansas
Race Relations in Western Lawrence County, Arkansas

C.R. Resetarits, New Jersey


John M. Anderson, Massachusetts

Robin Carstensen, Oklahoma
When Asked to Write About Your Life

Noel Conneely, Ireland
York Street

John Cantey Knight, Louisiana
At Orpheus on Lundi Gras Night

Elaine Fowler Palencia, Illinois
Novel Instructions

Robert Nazarene, Missouri
The Glass
The Beast of Burdens

Jeff Schiff, Illinois
Psalm for a Murderous Time

Nathan Scott, Louisiana
Drifting Through the Filth on St. Charles and Wondering Where the Beads Go, Hungover on Ash Wednesday

Richard Sederstrom, Minnesota
My Grandfather’s Watch

Dan Stryk, Virginia
Fishing After Rain

Mark Taksa, California
Lifting from the Dusty Words

Toni Thomas, Oregon
Easy Hips

Jianqing Zheng, Mississippi


Chris Drew, Wisconsin
Miller’s Field

Rebecca Hodge, North Carolina
River of Words

G.D. McFetridge, Montana
Oil Wells and Silver Perch

Laura McHugh, Missouri
Down the River Road

Jeremy Melvin, Illinois
Missing Love [complete version]

Brett Riley, Alabama


Brett Taylor, Tennessee
The Woody Cemetery


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