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Big Muddy 8.2

Cover Photos:

Front cover- Rebecca Moore,
Rebecca Moore Photography

Back cover-Rebecca Moore,
Rebecca Moore Photography

Cover Design:

Matthew Long

Big Muddy 8.2


Dr. Susan Swartwout

Assistant Editor

Mandy Henley
Jennifer Hotop

Publishing Interns

Serena Beam
Lauren Ditter
Lindsey Holman
Matthew Long
Kylie Maxcy
Michelle Ogden

Editorial Assistants

Donna Essner

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Glynn Custred, California
Vincennes, the Wabash and the Course of Global Empire in the Mississippi Valley in the Eighteenth Century

Susan Kates, Oklahoma
Girls in the Ring

Peter Nolan, Illinois
Jim Crow at the Abraham Lincoln Hotel: The Corneal Davis Story


Walter Bargen, Missouri
How Deep the Knife is Deep
Military Surplus, Lexington, MO

James Crews, California
A Guide to Ice Fishing–Lake Monona, Wisconsin

Jeannine Dobbs, New Hampshire
Profoundly Moved

Katherine Jennings, Missouri
Goodbye at Harvest

George Looney, Pennsylvania
An Ephemeral Epic Written Absentmindedly
Listening to a Scratched Recording of Bird’s “Lover Man”
The Indignity of Being Forgotten

David Radavich, Illinois
Liberty Island, 2008

Richard Sederstrom, Minnesota
Photos in the Practical Season

Jean-Mark Sens, Louisiana
River Talk

Roger Singer, New York
Moving Water

Michael Skau, Nebraska
Claude Johnson at the Auction

Mark Wisniewski, New York


Edgar Omar Aviles
Translated by Toshiya Kamei, Arkansas
Indocumentado (Undocumented)

Matt Baker, Arkansas
Man And Wife

Sarah Fruchtnicht, New York

Jeremy Melvin, Illinois
Missing Love

John Sirmans, Georgia
Hog Killing

Mighty River Short Story Contest Winner

JoAnn Bren Guernsey, Minnesota
Fort Defiance

Wilda Hearne Flash Fiction Contest Winner

Shannon Barton Wren, California
San Diego, 1978


Gerald R. Wheeler, Texas
Keep Your Eye on the Ball


Danielle Schlosser reviews:
D’Agostino, James. Nude With Anything. New Issues Poetry and Prose, 2006. Paper, 79 pp., $14. Poetry.

David Scott reviews:
Dandicat, Edwidge. The Dew Breaker. Vintage Contemporaries, 2005. Paper, 244 pp., $12.95. Fiction.

Susan Swartwout reviews:
Fisher, Carol. The American Cookbook. MacFarland, 2006. Paper, 260 pp., $39.95. Nonfiction.

Courtney Shalon reviews:
Kercheval, Jesse Lee. The Alice Stories. University of Nebraska Press, 2007. Cloth, 227 pp. $24.95. Fiction.

Sonja Davis reviews:
Sneve, Virginia Driving Hawk. The Chichi Hoohoo Bogeyman. 2nd Ed. University of Nebraska Press, 2008. Paper, 64 pp. $9.95. Fiction.

Johannah Froemsdorf reviews:
Urrea, Luis Alberto. Six Kinds of Sky: A Collection of Short Fiction. Cinco Puntos Press, 2002. Paper, 148 pp., $14. Poetry.

Marcia Herring reviews:
Van Winckel, Nance. No Starling. University of Washington Press, 2007. Paper, 67 pp., $12.95. Poetry.

Keith Sculle reviews:
Wright, Alan Terry. Murder on Rouse Hill. Southeast Missouri State University Press, 2007. Paper, 452 pp., $19. Historical Fiction.