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Big Muddy 8.1

Cover Photos:

Front cover-picture courtesy of
Fred Lynch / Southeast Missourian

Cover Design:

Sharon Looney

Big Muddy 8.1


Dr. Susan Swartwout

Assistant Editor

Mandy Henley
Donna Essner

Publishing Interns

Randi Wilson
Sharon Looney
Leah Wright
Stephen Dixon
Lindsey Chubboy

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Frederick Davis, Washington
The Prescription

Richard Donnelly, Minnesota
The Day the Bridge Fell Down

George Drew, New York
The End of Lonely Street

Elizabeth Howard, Tennessee
Rattlesnake Tea

Lowell Jaeger, Montana
What to Do When Someone You Love Tells You to Go Take a Hike

John Cantey Knight, Louisiana

A. Loudermilk, Maryland
The State in which I’m Wanted
Let Me Up

Christina Matthews, Georgia

Kathleen M. McCann, Massachussetts

Miranda Merklein, Mississippi
On Moving On

Marilyn Probe, Missouri
The Scent of Bergamot Matches the Orange of the Moon

Dennis Saleh, California
Die Frau Im Mond

Dick Stahl, Iowa
Turning a Performance

David Starkey, California
Hanging Out with Bosnians

Steven Tompkins, Colorado
This Day’s Work


Rita Welty Bourke, Tennessee
Colley Creek

Kathryn Kerr, Illinois
Hawk’s Cave

Carol J. Morrison, Washington
Cajun Country Grace

Lori A. Neuman-Lee, Iowa
One Day at Turtle Camp


Gary Buslik, Illinois
The Power of Mastercard

Lori Rader Day, Illinois
Everyone is a Moon

Tom Eaton, Missouri
The Soldiers’ Yard

Eric Freeze, Illinois
The Beet Farmer


Susan Swartwout, Missouri
Irony 1
Irony 2

Fred Lynch, Missouri (courtesy Southeast Missourian)
Closing the Floodgate


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