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Big Muddy 6.2

Cover Photo:

“Emerson Bridge” by Jake Wells

Cover Design:

Wade Christian

Big Muddy 6.2


Dr. Susan Swartwout

Assistant Editor

Wade Christian
Mandy Henley

Publishing Interns

Barbara Jenkins
Freeman Fouts
Amanda Dunn
Chandra Howard
Katy Wehmeier

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Malcolm Garcia, Kansas
Dear Mr. Titler

Louis E. Bourgeois, Mississippi
On Bayou Sauvage: The Life and Death of Jeanfreaux’s Fishermen’s Rest

Nathan J. Bolls, New Mexico
Sweet Potatoes

Sarah Miller, Mississippi


Mary Cantrell, Oklahoma

M. Kinder
Bay at the Moon

Dennis Vannatta, Arkansas
Rag and Bone


Gerald R. Wheeler, Texas
Auto 1
Auto 2
Flag Wings
Scooter Parade
Art Car Girls
Guard Dog


Jeannine Dobbs, New Hampshire
Looking for America

Frank Jamison, Tennessee
In an All Night Diner in Tennessee

John Cantey Knight, Louisiana
Valse de ‘Cadien

J.T. Ledbetter, California
Mississippi Headwaters

Judson Simmons, New York
My Brother the Fisherman

Gerald R. Wheeler, Texas

Harold Quinn, North Carolina
DeSoto Parish, 1938

Garland Strother, Louisiana
Radio Sermon

Fredrick Zydek, Nebraska
To Speak of Something Lonely

John Weber, Missouri
The Bridge Between

Terry Savoie, Iowa
Crossing the Centennial Bridge Spanning the Mississippi River, Iowa to Illinois

Robert Hamblin


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