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Big Muddy 5.2

Cover Photo:

“Waiting for the Bride”
by Gerald Wheeler, Katy, Texas
(misprinted in the issue)

Cover Design:

Michael G. Howell

Big Muddy 5.2


Dr. Susan Swartwout

Assistant Editor

Michael G. Howell
Mandy Henley

Publishing Interns

Ryan King
Kris Yesley
Wade Christian
Emily Eufinger
Alex Niswonger
Shawn McLain
Mary Eakins

Editorial Assistants

Jon Thrower
Ben Foster

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Tricia Dower, Toronto, Ontario
Disappearing Acts

Phil Harvey, Maryland
Track Meet

Ginger Hendricks, North Carolina
The Creek Behind Our House

Paul Lewellan, Iowa
The Positive Side of T.K. McCoy

Russell McKee, Michigan
Archy and the Mules: An American Tall Tale

Robert J. Nelson, Nebraska
The Devil’s Face

Robert D. Sutherland, Illinois
Point of Departure

Tim E. Walker, Kentucky
The Wave

John Weagley, Illinois
Twilight of the Fireflies

Mike Wendling, London, England
No Gas                          


Carol Wheeler, Texas
Passion Vine
Variegated Hybiscus
Yellow Orchid

Gerald Wheeler, Texas
Yearling after Storm (misprinted in the issue)


Louis E. Bourgeois, Mississippi
End of Fishing Season on Bayou Sauvage

Richard Broderick, Minnesota
On My 55th Birthday
Foggy Day on the Mississippi

Gail Rudd Entrekin, California

Patricia L. Hamilton, Tennessee
Southern Comfort

Lois Beebe Hayna, Colorado
May Morning

John Cantey Knight, Louisiana
Waiting to Be Astonished

Philip C. Kolin, Mississippi
The Last Transfers

Elaine Fowler Palencia, Illinois
Illinois Skies

David Radavich, Illinois
Great Flood

Sherri Ryan, Kansas

J.D. Smith, Washington, DC

Ryan G. Van Cleave, South Carolina
The Kudzu Queen
Confession #32


John E. Miller reviews:
Blanke, David. Sowing the American Dream: How Consumer Culture Took Root in the Rural Midwest. Ohio University Press, 2000. Paper, 282 pp., $21.95. Nonfiction.

Joel Vinson reviews:
Harrison, Jim. True North. Atlantic Monthly Press, 2004. Cloth, 448 pp., $24. Fiction.

Michael G. Howell reviews:
Kooser, Ted. Delights and Shadows. Copper Canyon Press, 2004. Paper, 96 pp., $15. Poetry.

Laura DeJournett reviews:
Hoagland, Tony. What Narcissism Means to Me. Graywolf Press, 2003. Paper, 96 pp., $14. Poetry.

Jon Thrower reviews:
Hamblin, Robert. Mind the Gap: Poems by an American in London. Southeast Missouri State University Press, 2003. Paper, 95 pp., $12. Poetry.