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Big Muddy 4.2

Cover Photos:

Rice/Englert Family Archives
Kenneth with Rice’s Delivery Truck, 1941
Rice’s Plant, 1959

Cover Design:

Jarret Green

Big Muddy 4.2


Dr. Susan Swartwout

Assistant Editor

Jarret Green
Mandy Henley

Publishing Interns

Donna Farley
Nikole Behlmann

Editorial Assistants

Ben Foster
Kristine Hehner
Beth Lewis

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Scott M. Fisher, Iowa
Down the River

Philip C. Kolin, Mississippi
In the Chips: An Interview with Rice’s Potato Chips’ President Hilary Englert

Stephen J. Lyons, Illinois
Mississippi River’s Garbage Man


Brian David Cinadr, California
always a river song

Joan Conner, Ohio
The Three Minute Love Story

Cedelas Hall, Mississippi
Red Dresses

K. Kenyon, New York
Heart Mountain

Jason Makansi, Missouri
Little Egypt

Tim Nicolai, Missouri
When We Defeat the Norwegians

Andrew Schultz, New York
Love Shack


Heather Baskin, Missouri
River Barge
Covered Bridge
Reflections at Bollinger

Carol Wheeler, Texas
Three Pelicans
Three Parrots

Gerald Wheeler, Texas


Eric Austin, Minnesota
Awash in the Water

Lisa Beatman,Massachusetts
over easy
not about trees

Beth Bishop, Tennessee
Bayou Orientation

Jason Lee Brown, Illinois
Old Man

John Grey, Rhode Island
Sara and the Flood

J.T. Ledbetter, California
Southern Illinois Suite

Alana Merritt Mahaffey, Arkansas

Clay Matthews, Missouri
Swan Song Dive
Wedding Song
Before the Flood, ’93

John McBride, Iowa
Is Grant Wood’s Iowa True?

Gwen Monohan, Virginia
Eye Levels

Laurence Snydal, California
Ice Breaking

Virgil Suarez, Florida
Church of the American Open Road


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