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Big Muddy 4.1

Cover Art:

Chelsey Kennedy photographed the Johnson’s Shut-Ins with a Rebel 2000 SLR camera and 400 speed film

Cover Design:

Tim Baskin

Big Muddy 4.1


Dr. Susan Swartwout

Assistant Editor

Tim Baskin
Mandy Henley

Publishing Interns

Kristine Hehner
Tonia Ems

Editorial Assistants

Leon Cluck
Beth Lewis
Heather Baskin
Jarret Green
Marybeth Niederkorn

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Lynn Morrow, Missouri
A “Duck and Goose Shambles”: Sportsmen and Market Hunters at Big Lake, Arkansas

James Silas Rogers, Minnesota
In the Driftless Area


Gina Young Becker, Kansas

Patricia Lawson, Kansas
The Spring

Brian Ray, South Carolina
Penny Press Generals

B. Wells, Kentucky
Lucinda West


Heather Baskin, Missouri
Ice Angel
Mortal Tree

Carol Wheeler, Texas
Turquois Teepee
Yellow Hibiscus

Gerald Wheeler, Texas
Bean Thrasher
Child’s Greenhouse


Robert Bense, Pennsylvania
Looking for Mark Twain
What the River Says

Rafael Jesús Gonzáles, California
Portrait of a Lady / Retrato de una Dama

Phil Harvey, Washington, D.C.
Low Water

Elizabeth Howard, Tennessee
Blue Suede Gospel

John Cantey Knight, Louisiana
A Class 5 Hurricane Would Be Urban Renewal

Philip C. Kolin, Mississippi
September Edges

George A. Parker, Ohio
Song of the Rapids

David Radavich, Illinois

Michael D. Riley, Pennsylvania


Jim Elledge reviews:
Immerso, Michael. Coney Island: The People’s Playground. Rutgers University Press, 2002. 208 pp. Paper, $29.95. Nonfiction.

Jarret Green reviews:
Eggers, Dave. You Shall Know Our Velocity. Vintage, 2003. 400 pp. Paper, $14. Fiction

Heather Baskin reviews:
Lopez, Lorraine. Soy la Avon Lady and Other Stories. Curbstone Press, 2002. Paper, 238 pp. $15.95. Short Fiction.

Leon Cluck reviews:
Tarkington, Booth. Penrod and Sam. Indiana University Press, 2003. Paper, 356 pp. $14.95. Fiction.

Francesca Rehagen reviews:
Zitkala-Sa. American Indian Stories. University of Nebraska Press, 2003. Paper, 195 pp. $12.95. Short Fiction.

Ruth Seaber reviews:
Stone, Ruth. In the Next Galaxy. Copper Canyon Press, 2002. 96 pp. Paper, $20. Poetry.

Bridget Brown reviews:
Fuhrman, Joanna. Ugh Ugh Ocean. Hanging Loose Press, 2003. 72 pp. $13. Poetry.