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Big Muddy 3.2

Cover Art:

“Sunflowers” is a digital photograph by Joel Ray,
Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Cover Design:

Tim Baskin

Big Muddy 3.2


Dr. Susan Swartwout

Assistant Editor

Tim Baskin
Mandy Henley

Publishing Interns

Kristine Hehner
Tonia Ems

Editorial Assistants

Holly Raines
Gina Bader
Tom Eaton

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Erin Altemus, Montana
Calling in the Cows

T. Ledbetter, California
The Great Palm Sunday Rat Kill


Robert Bense, Pennsylvania
the Missouri

Nancy Hightower, Colorado

Tim Kidwell, Missouri
Sestina for a Lost Sister

John Cantey Knight, Louisiana
West Bank

Philip C. Kolin, Mississippi
September Edges

Michael D. Riley, Pennsylvania

Jon Thrower, Missouri

Sally Van Doren, Missouri
I Have Often Wondered

Gerald Wheeler, Texas
Training Wheels


Brian Ames, Missouri
This Organization Must Keep Iowa’s Roads Open

Charles Edward Brooks, Portugal
The Smoke of Ilium

Dixon Hearne, California
White Trash Wedding

Gypsy Jostes, Missouri
In Quest of  “It”                      

Mark Rigney, Indiana
The Good Underneath

B. Vandiver, California

Sumner Wilson, Missouri

Linda Marie Young, North Carolina
Visitation at a Confederate Grave


Susan Swartwout, Missouri
In the Garden District
Street Performer
Artist Michael Karim
Historic Collections Building

Gerald Wheeler, Texas
Drover and His Horse
Miss Hummingbird
1921 Dodge
Sad Vulture
Mural of a Poet


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Gina Bader reviews:
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Leon Cluck reviews:
Allen, Dick. The Day Before. Sarabande Books, 2003. Paper, 115 pp. $12.95. Poetry.

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Jason Sander reviews:
Wright, Carolyne. Season of Mangoes and Brainfire. Lynx House Press, 2000. Paper, 82 pp. $12.95. Poetry.
Kristine Hehner reviews:
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