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Image: Lauren Herzak-Bauman



James Brubaker, Jenny Yang Cropp, Phil MacKenzie

Publishing Interns

Austin Garrett, Rachel Hawf

Editorial Assistants

Savana Halfhaker, Karma Alvey, Sandesh Pokharel,

Current Issue, $10.00 (plus postage)

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Including work by Bryce Berkowitz • Leslie Blanco • Ryan Alan Boyle • Thomas Cook • Saoirse E. Doyle • Andrew Farkas • Taylor Fedorchak • LA Felleman • Danielle Gillespie • Maegan Gonzales • Alyssa Hanna • Christopher Heffernan • Maeve Howard • Alex K. Hughes • Nathan Knapp • Whitney Lawson • Brittny Meredith • John Moessner • Sarah Morgan • Corie Rosen • Lisa Shirley • Ann Stewart McBee • Saramanda Swigart • Daniel Uncapher • Yuliia Vereta • Terin Weinberg • Ronna Wineberg


Editors note: While we love this issue and the writing it contains, I want to be upfront that there are a few glitches in this issue that we’re a little embarrassed about. Frankly, it came down to being in a hurry to get the issue out on time, and a couple of mistakes made along the way. I hope you can all forgive a few sloppy formatting/proofing issues and enjoy the fantastic stories, poems, and essays featured within. -James