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Big Muddy 2.2

Cover Photo:

“Ferry Dock Rest Stop”
by Gerald R. Wheeler, Katy, Texas

Big Muddy 2.2


Dr. Susan Swartwout

Assistant Editor

Dan Crocker
Mary Jane Mills

Publishing Interns

Mandy Henley
M'Lee Fife
Amy Kay

Editorial Assistants

Leonna Essner
Leon Cluck
Amy Kay
Kristi Murray
Emily Wipfler
Mandy Henley
Gina Bader
Mackey Smith

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Stephen Lyons, Illinois
Dispatch from Illinois’ Great Snake Migration

Clobert Bernard Broussard, California
Boy: Up from the Bayou

Robert Kneib, Missouri
Of Wooden Johnboats

Maria Szasz, New Mexico
The Irreplaceable Sergeant John Ordway

D. Smith, Illinois
My Coronation

Lynn Morrow, Missouri
St. Louisans at the Knobel: Sport Tourism and Conservation in Arkansas


Stephen Graham Jones, Texas
Southern Gothic

Ann Boaden, Illinois
Dancing Lessons


Lynette Baca, Kansas
Historic Mulvane Jail through Window
Historic Mulvane Jail through Broken Door

Gerald R. Wheeler, Texas
Farm House
Grandpa’s RV
School Bus


Malaika Favorite, Georgia
River Preacher
Day of Ascension

Richard Newman, Missouri
Salem, Indiana, 1963

Claire T Feild, Alabama

Beverly Rainbolt, Louisiana
Looking for Leadbelly’s Bones

Melissa Gurley Bancks, Missouri
Haunting in Louisiana

John Cantey Knight, Louisiana
 It Hasn’t Rained for Two Weeks

Richard Broderick, Minnesota
To the Old Ones
Let Us Gather by the River

Ryan G. Van Cleave, Wisconsin
Psalm of Summer’s Amnesia

T. Ledbetter, California
In Turley’s Woods

Susan Grigsby, Missouri
Sudden Truths Avoided
Letters Sent in Faith

Corinne Lee, Texas

Alana Merritt Mahaffey, Arkansas
In Lookback Time

Llewellyn McKernian, West Virginia
Now and Forever by the Mississippi

Leslie Adrienne Miller, Minnesota
Easter Flood, 2001

Louis Daniel Brodsky, Missouri
Going to a Colloquium at Ole Miss, 1982
A Renewal of Faith

David Radavich, Illinois
Land Between the Rivers

Jill Ozier, Iowa
To a Fisherman, After Years

Terry Savoie, Iowa
Almost a Vacation

Joanne Seltzer, New York
Mardi Gras
Barging the Louisiana Bayous

Bo Hall, New Mexico

Kristine A. Somerville, Missouri
Most Beautiful


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