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Cover Photo: Sarah Katharina Kayß

Cover Design: Katie Schwartz

Big Muddy 15.2


Dr. Susan Swartwout

Assistant Editor

Carrie Walker
Katie Schwartz

Publishing Interns

Rachel Cunningham
Michelle Daume
Kristan Hoffman
Gage McAllister
Laura Monahan

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Brooks Rexroat
Waiting Out the Apocalypse

Tamas Dobozy
The Glory Days of Donkey Kong

Nancy Hartney
The Girl Who Carved Wood

Thomas O’Keefe
Up North

Frances Washburn
The Pizza Bombers



Robert Lowes
Inherited Tomato Patch
The Man with the Fresh Haircut

Thomas Alan Holmes
Thomas Crofts and I Sing Tammy Wynette Songs in the Music Department Stairwell

Matt Pierce
Him Who Eats Time
Flask and Funnel Set

Marcia Bundy Seabury
Water Rising

Christopher Kuhl
Mississippi Angels

Travis Mossotti
On Being Here

David Radavich
On Seeing a Giant Head Floating in the River

Gail Rudd Entrekin
The Way It Is on Earth

Laura Sobbott Ross
River, Ancestor

John Grey
The Ladies of Louisiana

John P. Kristofco
The Old Woman on the Bus

J.T. Ledbetter
The Wintertime Early Dark

Robert Gregory
In the Cafeteria, Before the Day Get Started

Marc Swan
In retrospect

Robert Brickhouse
Night Car Pool

Sandy Coomer
Dimension of a Dream

David Bond
Memories of Coal: Miner Dollars
The B-Side of Love Is Love

Brian C. Felder
Dans le Café des Voyageurs (II)

Ann A. Philips
Midwest Peace Talk

Gaylord Brewer
More Honored in the Breach: Rumplestiltskin
More Honored in the Breach: The Farmer with His Goddamned Weed-Whacker Roaring Since 8:20 a.m.

Diane Solis

Terry Savoie
Field Days
Dandelion Wine


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