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Cover photo: “A Gesture for Elizabeth” by David Mondedeu
Cover design: Alex Hughes

Big Muddy 15.1


Dr. Susan Swartwout

Assistant Editor

Erin Miller
Alex Hughes
Carrie Walker

Publishing Interns

Araceli Munoz
Brandi Odom
Andrea Wills
Logan Young

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Jeannine Dorian Vesser
That Summer – Winner Wilda Hearne Flash Fiction Award

Hannah Gildea
Cottonmouth – Winner Mighty River Short Story Award

Leon Anderson

Peyton Burgess
Grancy and Bapoo are Good Grandparents

Monic Ductan
June’s Menorah

Michael J. Hess
A Man Without a Camera

John P. Kristofco
One Cycle

Tayna Perkins
When He Finally Hits

A. Loudermilk


Dr. William Miller
Dark Shadows

Jean-Mark Sens
Object of the Night

Mark Christhilf

Mackie Garrett
Downstate 2

Bill Brown
Early Spring Fragment

Aimee Penna

Ron McFarland
The Battle of Lookout Mountain

Darren C. Demaree
A Letter to Auguste Rodin about a New Position for the Thinker Inside the Cleveland Museum or Art

Lowell Jaeger

Matthew A. Toll
Scatter Brained

Bill Glose
Inside the Selection Committee

Andrea Wills reviews:
Scofield, Chris. The Shark Curtain. Black Sheep/Akashic Books, 2015. Paper, 318 pp., $13.95.

Erin N. Miller reviews:
Kolin, Philip C. Departures: Poetry. Negative Capability Press, 2014. 94 pp., $16.95.

Andrea Wills reviews:
Flynn, Nick. My Feelings. Graywolf Press, 2015. Paperback, 96 pp., $16.00.

Araceli Munoz reviews:
Power, Susan. Sacred Wilderness. Michigan State University Press, 2014. Paper, 237 pp., $12.95.