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Big Muddy 14.1

Cover Photo:

Bradley Phillips, Missouri

Cover Design:

Lilly Bange

Big Muddy 14.1


Dr. Susan Swartwout

Assistant Editor

Lilly Bange
Carrie Walker

Publishing Interns

Elizabeth G. Johnson
Sarah Jane Hodge
Nicole Larson
Nevada Lewis
Jessica Pisciotta

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Contest Winners

Wilda Hearne Flash Fiction Contest
“What Happened to Laura?” by Robert Garner McBrearty

Mighty River Short Story Contest
“The Cainine Cure” by Catherine Browder


Matthew Sissom
Mud Ballad

Becky Browder

Tricia Currans-Sheehan
The Suburban Hotel 1965

Elyse Schuler-Cruz
Sister Mary

Katherine Kipp
The Facebook Babies

Leesa Williams

Paul Pekin
Dies Irae

James Ulmer
Pine Straw


C. D. Albin
Ciero Jack Remembers Tom Cochran’s Boy

Jim Daniels
Crooked Teeth

Richard Cecil
Home Thoughts from Abroad

James O. Ferrugia
The Calling

John Samuel Tieman

David Gross
Little Egypt

Marlene VanderWiel

Robert Parham

Paul Stroble
The Emigrant

Geo. Staley
After 39 Years

James Valvis
Trails Are Trials

John P. Kristofco

Paul Felsch
Plain Visions

Mark Christhilf
The Riverman FinkWatches a Steamboat

Leslie Brower
Flood Warning

Katherine A. Baskin
The Chester Bridge


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