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Big Muddy 13.2

Cover Photo:

Bradley Phillips, Missouri

Big Muddy 13.2


Dr. Susan Swartwout

Assistant Editor

Amanda Meyer
Carrie Walker
Angela Spinzig

Publishing Interns

Brittany Gilbert
Addie Scoggin
Joshua Owens
Emily Dillner

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Mark Spitzer, Arkansas
Gar vs. Sewage: A Tragedy of Waste

Barbara Haas, Iowa
Cannabis, Canoes, Canning Supplies


Elaine Fowler Palencia, Illinois

Becky Browder, Alabama
The Russian Bride

Patrick Hicks, South Dakota
Burn Unit

David P. Langlinais, Texas
Bayou Noir

Joel Garber, Hawaii
Spigots and Drains: A Living Perspective on Water

Dayne Sherman, Louisiana

Eugenie de Rosier, Minnesota


Bradley Phillips, Missouri


Dante Di Sefano, New York
A Carpetbagger’s Guide to Holly Springs Mississippi

Connie Post, California

Terry Savoie, Iowa
A Second Letter to a Lost Friend
Graves. Blueberies. Tears. (1950)

Richard T. Rauch, Louisiana
Death Notice in Pink

John P. Kristofco, Ohio
One House

Mark Wisniewski, New York
Youngest Cousin

A.D. Winans, California
At 77

Robert Lowes, Missouri
The Ax Aisle

Steve Myers, Pennsylvania
The Day They Named Levine Laureate

CL Bledsoe, Maryland
Ol’ Man Ditch

Arthur Gottlieb, Oregon
Sky Dive

Bray McDonald, Tennessee
The Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky

David Radavich, North Carolina

Mark Vogel, North Carolina
Inevitable River

Noel Conneely, Ireland
Railway Buffet

Guy R. Beining, Massachusetts
friday / 37

Terry Minchow-Proffitt, Missouri

Jon Lampe, Missouri

Bill Glose, Virginia
Day’s End

Kelly Talbot, Indiana
Askia at the Red Sea at Sunset
Swarmless Eschaton

Raphael Kosek, New York
On the Suicide of Meriwether Lewis

Dennis Trudell, Wisconsin
Choir of Solos
Civil War Tale

Bob Haring, Oklahoma
Why are clams so happy?

Nathan Whiting, New York
Before Evening

Michael D. Riley, Pennsylvania
Watching Molly Sleep


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Maazel, Fiona. Woke Up Lonely. Graywolf Press, 2013. Hardcover, 336 pp., $26.00. Fiction.

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Marcie Upchurch reviews:
Fried, Philip. Early/Late: New & Selected Poems. Salmon Poetry, 2011. Paper, 161 pp. Poetry.

Carrie Walker reviews:
Amadon, Samuel. The Hartford Book. Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 2012. Paper, 58 pp., $15.95. Poetry.

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