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Big Muddy 12.2

Cover Photo:

Aaron Horrell, Missouri

Big Muddy 12.2


Dr. Susan Swartwout

Assistant Editor

Amanda Meyer
Caity Rogers

Publishing Interns

Adam Armstrong
Samantha Carano
Elizabeth Enoch
Jennifer Geist
Cory Troske
Marcie Upchurch

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Lisa Knopp
Mississippi Harvest

Donna L. Shrum
The Life and Death of the B.P. Cheney

Kevin Koch
Home Fire


Patrick VandenBussche
Just Dad’s Kids

Casey Pycior
The Current

Bradley Cook
The Gift

Dusty Richards
A Long Ways From Home

Leon Anderson
Northern Men

Brad Hooper
Aunt Kate’s Possibility

William Jablonsky


Jill Reid
I hate to wash the Mississippi out

Tim Leach
Narcissus Over Morning Coffee

Greg Moglia

Sandy Longhorn
Cornfield, USA II

James Valvis

Charles Jensen
The Tattoo Artist’s Confession

Robert Tremmel
The Boots

Angie Macri
Running Buffalo Clover

Sandra M. Castillo

Justin Hamm
In Case You Were Wondering

Caroline Collins

Trina Gaynon
Along the Tracks, After the Last Train Runs

Carolyn Miller
Something She Said

Jesse DeLong

Dixon Hearne
We Thrive

Doug Ramspeck
The Tattoo Artist Dreams His Wife Returns

Adam Love

Liz Young
Day Lilies
Vapor Rising

Stanley Morris Noah
deja vu is like a pinball machine

Jeff Hardin
Morning Porch

Damon Falke
Photograph of a Young Girl Standing in the Family Plot

Travis Mossotti
Elegy for the Mississippi

Mark Vogel
The Story of Mud

Heather Dobbins
The Sweet Drunk’s Wife 1935

Richard Luftig
The Old Cemetery

Steven Ray Smith
Ambrosia and devilled eggs

Gerry Grubbs
Sometimes in the Evening

Don Boes
On the Anniversary of the Beginning of War

Mark Poor
Whale Domination

Jack Vian
Standing in the Commissary Line

Jon Densford
Horseshoe Lake


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