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Big Muddy 12.1

Cover Photo:

“Retro Balloons”
by Jennifer Geist Photography

by Eddie van W at Eddi07 Textures

Big Muddy 12.1


Dr. Susan Swartwout

Assistant Editor

Katherine Markey
Rhyen Campbell

Publishing Interns

Jeannette Boylin
Rebekah Blankenship
Same DeWald
Nathan Reynolds
Katie Schwartz
Angela Spinzig

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2011 Contest Winners

Scott Kauffman, California
Cat Dance

Patrick Finney, Missouri
Attending a Wake Filled With Strangers


Philip Kolin
“A river flows through it”: Tennessee Williams and the Mighty Mississippi

Gaynell Gavin
At the River’s Bend: Highway, Library, Airplane, Prairie

Patrick Dorey
Orb Weaver


Vic Viola
“There Ain’t No Fish in Mud Crick”

Dixon Hearne
Going Up North

Reine Dugas Bouton
Blackberry Pie

Mark T. Mustian
The Ride

Orman Day
A Roadway in the Dusk

Dennis Vannatta
Peaceable Kingdom

Ron Rindo
The Fall Garden

Brendan West-Moreland
Hot Wheels for Jesus


William Miller
Recovering Biker
Appomattox, 2007

Chris Hayes
Red Paint Hill

John J. Ronan
Santa Anita Noir

John A. McDermott
Another Poem About Bix, Based Perhaps Upon Apocrypha

Harvey J. Baine
Buffalo Fish

John F. Buckley and Martin Ott
The Wet Lands of Florida

C.D. Albin
Blessed Those Days

Kathleen Kirk

Jacob Newberry
After Katrina

Amorak Huey

A.D. Winans
Chinatown Sweat Shop

Jianqing Zheng
Years in China
Bourbon Street

Martin Ott
Zen and the Art of Interrogation

Amelia Martens
Lincoln at his 200th Birthday Party

Nicole Peats
Your Eyes: This Is Why I Said You Scared Me

Pat Durmon
Looking at Herself in the Mirror

James Valvis
After the Accident, I Carve Allen’s Pumpkin

Jim Daniels
Substitute Facts

Britton Shurley
The Thing About Death

John Grey
Your Wilderness

Nathan Whiting
A Brooklyn Inlet, Early June

Randy Blythe
Black Racer

Lowell Jaeger

Michael D. Riley
Molly’s Arrival

David Radavich

Christopher Shipman
At the Museum of Natural Science

Paul Freidinger

Vanessa Blakeslee

Darrell Epp
The Mongol Invasions


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