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Big Muddy 11.2

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by Brenda Brinkley

Big Muddy 11.2


Dr. Susan Swartwout

Assistant Editor

Donna J. Essner
Rhyen Campbell

Publishing Interns

Rachael Evans
Nicholas Miranda
Matthew Sissom

Graduate Assistants

Caity Read

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Lisa Knopp, Nebraska
Painting the River: Henry Lewis’s Great National Work


Jan Bowman, Maryland
After the Rain

Richard Dokey, California
Mr. Hunolt’s Coat

Logan Garrels, Missouri

Jacqueline Guidry, Missouri

Mickey Heath, Missouri
Little Boy Blue and the Man on the Moon

Billie Louise Jones, Arkansas
Port Bon Temps

G.D. McFetridge, Montana
Trinity Whitewater

Jacquelyn Milan
Nobody But Me

Susie Potter, North Carolina
Saying Bye to Sam Bob

Justin St. Clair, Alabama
Eat Your Fried Mush: The Curious Case of Wee Willie Shantz

Joe Sacksteder, Michigan
Portage des Morts

Ryan Stone, Illinois
Play For Us


Jean Berrett, Wisconsin

David Bond, Illinois
Local Phenomenon
House and Contents

Renee Emerson, Kentucky
What Will Keep


Phillip Howerton, Arkansas
Moon Shot, July 1969

Christopher Kuhl, Illinois
The Killing Fields

William Kyle, Missouri
Please Go, Bring Her Back

Eric Lee, Florida
Ode to Loneliness

Michael O. Marberry, Alabama
Hired Hands
The Field

Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum, California
Winters, We Watch the Snow Descend Slowly

Errol Miller, Louisiana
Saturday Night at Billy Bob’s

E.I. Pruitt, Missouri
Adult Children Anonymous

Jenny McRoby, Kentucky

José Antonio Rodríguez, New York
The Professor Speaks of Language

Sheila Sanderson, Arizona
“Only One Place To Be: Hell or Kentucky”

Jean-Mark Sens, Louisiana
On Fridges

Mark Taksa, California
Reversing The Iron Hug

Sally Van Doren, Missouri
The Lengthening


Airek Beuchamp reviews:
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Rhyen Campbell reviews:
Jack, Zachary Michael. Homer Croy―Corn Country Travel Writing, Literary Journalism, Memoir. Tall Corn Books, imprint of Ice Cube Books, 2010. Paper, 274 pp., $24.95. Non-fiction.

Katherine Easter reviews:
Collins, Floyd. What Harvest. Somondoco Press, 2011. Paper, 63 pp. $15. Poetry.
Plattner, Andrew. A Marriage of Convenience. BkMkPress, 2011. Paper, 180 pp., $15.95. Fiction.

Katelyn Hansell reviews:
Winegarden, Mary. The Translator’s Sister: Poems. Mayapple Press, 2011. Paper, 81 pp., $14.95. Poems.

Matthew Long reviews:
Hausman, Blake M. Riding the Trail of Tears. U of Nebraska Press, 2011. Paper, 384 pp., $24.95. Non-fiction.
Young, Dean. The Art of Recklessness: Poetry As Assertive Force and Contradiction. Graywolf Press, 2010. Paper, 184 pp., $12. Poetry.

Katherine Markey reviews:
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Nathan Reynolds reviews:
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Emily Seagraves reviews:
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