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Big Muddy 10.2

Cover Photo:

Gerald Wheeler, Texas

Big Muddy 10.2


Dr. Susan Swartwout

Guest Editor

Dr.Vallie Lynn Watson

Assistant Editor

Donna J. Essner
Michael Heath
Katherine Kipp

Publishing Interns

Emily Seagraves
Sadie Jensen
Katie Markey
Amanda Meyer
Caity Read

Graduate Assistants

Matthew Long

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Alex Bach, Illinois
Eisenstein’s Monster: an autobiography
by Sergei Eisenstein (an excerpt)

Ann Beattie, Virginia
Writing Visually

T.C. Boyle, California
Me and the Movies

Sara Lippmann, New York

Dustin Michael, Georgia
Mental Map

Caleb Tankersley, Missouri
A Quick Death for Washington


Rae Bryant, Maryland
Stage Play in Five Acts of Her: Matinee

Kevin Downs, Virginia
White Rabbit

Roxane Gay, Illinois
Baby Arm

Mary Grimm, Ohio

Deirdra McAfee, Virginia
A Close Shave on Gorky Street

Gary Percesepe, Ohio



Lavonne J. Adams, North Carolina
Heimaey, 1973
Mason’s Inlet, Late Afternoon
Railroad Tracks (Ludlow, Colorado)

Daniel Crocker, Texas
One More Time

Katie Kingston, Colorado
A Labyrinth of Moons
La Playa
Pozo Cañada

Clay Matthews, Tennessee
Many a Weary Foot
Elegy with A Road Running Through

Meg Pokrass, California

Sam Rasnake, Tennessee
Notes on the Cinematographer
Frame Line: “A New World of Gods and Monsters”
Dark Fountain

David Schloss, Ohio
After Jules and Jim

Jeff Simpson, Oklahoma
There are Worse Things I Could Do
Feedback Loop for the Apocalypse
Elegy with a Balcony and Opening Credits

Kay Sloan, Ohio
A Second Reel

Daniel Nathan Terry, North Carolina
At the Corner of Shipyard and Independence
Directions to My Place from Where You Are
Home at Lunch


Kaleigh Blackwood reviews:
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Nicholas Britton reviews:
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Caitlin Brown reviews:
Van Doren, Sally. Sex at Noon Taxes. Louisiana State University Press, 2008. Paper, 70 pp., $17.95. Poetry.

Marcia Herring reviews:
Finger, Anne. Call Me Ahab: A Short Story Collection. Bison Books, 2009. Paper, 206 pp., $17.95. Fiction.
Joseph, Allison. My Father’s Kites: Poems. Steel Toe Books, 2010. Paper, 80 pp., $12. Poetry.

Katherine Kipp reviews:
Boswell, Robert. The Half-Known World: On Writing Fiction. Graywolf Press, 2008. Paper. 189 pp., $15. Non-fiction.
Hogan, Paul. Points of Departure. White Pine Press, 2008. Paper, 120 pp., $16. Poetry.

Matthew Long reviews:
Wolfe, Cary. What is Posthumanism? University of Minnesota Press, 2010. Cloth, 357 pp., $24.95. Non-fiction.
Webb, Charles Harper. Shadow Ball. University of Pittsburgh Press, 2009. Paper, 145 pp., $16.95. Poetry.

Natasha Nekola reviews:
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Caity Read reviews:
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Sami Taylor reviews:
Hoagland, Tony. Unincorporated Persons in the Late Honda Dynasty. Graywolf Press, 2010. Paper, 100 pp., $15. Poetry.