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Big Muddy 10.1

Cover Photo:

Phillip Howerton, Arkansas

Big Muddy 10.1


Dr. Susan Swartwout

Assistant Editor

Donna J. Essner
Katherine Kipp
Marcia Herring

Publishing Interns

Lesley Adams
Nicholas Britton
Natasha Nekola
Rebecca Parker
Caitlyn Read
Samantha Taylor

Editorial Assistants

Katherine Kipp

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2010 Contest Winners

Kel Munger, California
Missus Finn

Erica Lehrer, Texas


Herta B. Feely, Washington, DC
The Wall


Robert Hamblin, Missouri

Rita Welty Bourke, Tennessee
My Mother’s House

Elinore Davis, California

Joel Garber, Hawaii
Spigots and Drains: A Living Perspective on Water

Ann Walters, Oregon
The Way Mark Twain Puts It

True Faust, Florida
The Priest and the Honkytonk Angel


Phillip Howerton, Arkansas
Barn 7: Inside Roof
Barn 3: Inside Loft
Barn &: Loft and Roof
Barn 4: Inside


Jeff Hardin, Tennessee
Dust on a Backroad

A.D. Winans, California
Going Back in Time

Kathryn Kerr, Illinois
The Hill Woman’s Rant
The Trouble with Geneology

Randall D. Brown, Pennsylvania
Slight Adjective Used to Describe a Sound

Andrea S. Gereighty, Missouri
Remembering Roosevelt Place

Gaylor Brewer, Tennessee
Till Human Voices Wake Us
A Welcoming

Nick Bacon, California
The Old Way We Killed

Mark Vogel, Pennsylvania
Cairo Fishmongers


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