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Big Muddy 1.1

Cover Print:

Old Nauvoo, Illinois
—from the collection of Stephen Gregg,
S. Gregg Gallery, Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Big Muddy 1.1


Dr. Susan Swartwout

Research Assistant

Dan Crocker

Publishing Interns

Dustin Michael
Jon Thrower

Editorial Assistants

Derek Borgsmiller
Leon Cluck
M'Lee Fife
Katie Gilbert
Emily Main
Lester Sneed
Katherine Mayer

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Katherine Fischer, Iowa
Sho-gunning the Mississippi

Dan Guillory, Illinois
Big Easy: A Childhood of New Orleans

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Poe and Oquawka
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Tributary Affair


John Mort, Missouri
Behind Enemy Lines

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The Natchez at New Orleans

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Chain of Rocks Canal and Bridge
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A Prayer for Western Kentucky

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What Happened to the Rabbit

Marlene J. Miller, Missouri
Mississippi Passing

Roger Mitchell, Indiana
Middle of the Street
Naming the Grasses

Bill Stobb, Wisconsin
The Fourth Word Is Edenic


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Daniel Crocker reviews:
Lavalle, Victor D. slapboxing with jesus. Vintage Contemporaries, 1999. $11. Short Fiction.

Tonya Wells reviews:
Gilfillan, Merrill. Grasshopper Falls. Hanging Loose Press, 2000. 96 pp. Cloth, $21. Paper, $13. Short Fiction.

Clay Matthews reviews:
Ponte, Antonio Jose. In the Cold of the Malecon. City Lights Books, 2000. 127 pp. Paper, $10.95. Short fiction.

MJ Mills reviews:
Proulx, Annie. Close Range. Scribner, 1999. 285 pp. Paper, $13. Short fiction.

Rebecca Brown reviews:
Saunders, George. Pastoralia: Corporate America at its Worst and Funniest. Riverhead Books, 2000. 188 pp. Cloth, $22.95. Short Fiction.

Tonya Wells reviews:
Hagy, Alyson. Graveyard of the Atlantic. Graywolf Press, 2000. 186 pp. Paper, $14. Short Fiction.

Leon Cluck reviews:
Jones, Stephen Graham. The Fast Red Road, A Plainsong. Fiction Collective Two, 326 pp. $13.95. Fiction.

Susan Swartwout reviews:
Mort, John. Soldier in Paradise. Southern Methodist University Press. 180 pp. $19.95. Fiction.

Susan Swartwout reviews:
Herrera, Juan Felipe. Loteria Cards and Fortune Poems: A Book of Lives. City Lights Press. 209 pp. Cloth, $15.95. Poetry.